Sunday, December 20, 2009


hello world!!

yes yes i know! i have not been updating my blog!! haha.. i have been bz with lots of stuff..haha.. clubbing.. outing.. movies and dinner!! heheh..and now i decided to blog back cuz i have nothing to do now.. hehe.. there will only b words today as i didnt take pictures when i go out cuz i was too lazy to carry my camera.. and besides.. i left my charger at b's place and i always forgot to take it back bfor i go home...=( no pictures!..

anyways.. i oso cant talk blog la.. now im bz with my cafe world and island paradise.. hah... yeaaa.. im back in action! so lazy to blog already now.. i think im gonna stop real soon!!hehe

k la.. im gonna sleep now..feeling very tired.. yest got back at 3 plus and i woke up at 10 today.. and now feeling very tired..

good night world!


Monday, November 23, 2009


good morning world!!

haha..i miss my sis so much right now..=(.. miss going shopping with her!..=(

anyways.. took this pics right a week bfor i left to perth. cant wait to get another pic with june and andrew in it.. =).. anyways.. i cant blog long.. will b going to the licensing department in a whilst time.. ill cont blog tonight or tmr k..


Saturday, November 21, 2009

hmmm!! Dc!!

im gonna cont bloggin.. haha..

so i almost finish packing already! at first i was very panic cuz when i carry the luggage, it seems like 50 kg,, till we weight all the luggages yesterday den only we realise itsonly 20 kg!! haha.. so its good.. this means that i can bring back all my clothings cuz i do not wan to leave any bhind!!..=D

ohw.. we watched 2012, 2 days back.. its no bad lah.. i dunno y some of my frens commented the movie till as if it was very very bad!!.. haha.. for me its not bad so lazy to blog d now.. omg!! i think im gonna stop blogging soon ..i dowan some ppl to know about my life now.. ish!! yea u!! u know who u r!!..stalker!

im happy with my life now so buzz off!

good night bi!..=)



sorry for the late updates!! was bz packing and outing!! haha..

anyways.. i jus got back fom city. so tiring.. i mean.. i got back at around 5 plus den went to bed straight and woke up at 8.. champion! haha..

ohw!! i cant blog d!! da server is up d!!



Monday, November 16, 2009


yay!! im done with my exams!! todays paper was alright...=)

haha... cant wait to go out shopping!.. haha

k la!! m gonna sleep now. very very sleepy!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009


OMG!! i jus broke one bottle!! =(.. i felt so bad! cuz bi , suan and dennis have to help me clean when i was da one who was suppose to clean myself..=(.. so bad luck wan!!.. i was cooking supper jus now.. den u know la.. after bathing i sure leave d towel on my shoulder so dat my shirt wun get wet ma.. den mana tau da towel pulled da bottle together as i was closing the back door.. argh!!.. damm bad luck !! im so worried for tmr's paper d.. =(.. argh!! no no!! i know i will do well cuz i spend like almost a week for this subject!!..k la.. im gonna cont study... wun b sleeping as my paper is at 8.30 am.. so yeah.. bye!




good afternoon world!!
argh!! i jus woke up! so darn tired! i slept quite late yesterday playing psp games.. haha..
u know i used to carry pepper spray with me last time whenever i go out whether for yum cha or outing with frens.. its safe to carry this gadget around as it really helps u a lot.. haha.. but now ever since im with u, i stop carrying dat cuz i know u can be my pepper spray.. am not saying dat we r together 24/7.. jus dat now i feel safer when im around u..cuz i know ull b der for me whenever i need somone to talk to ..=) honestly speaking i dont feel this way with all my other 'frens'.. cuz u either ask me for money or expect me to do something in return..argh.. im not living in the past so not talking about it!! hehe... so yea.. im happy with wat i have now.. it may not be perfect to ppl out der.. but its perfect to me!..


with love



i miss u guys so much!!!

with lotsa lotsa love!


Saturday, November 14, 2009


why do some ppl STILL want to live in the past when there is a life ahead of them??

i jus randomly went tru my fren's blog and also their facebook profile.. and i still see them arguing tru facebook's status.. which i find it very childish..they really know where to press each other's botton.. oh my.. yea.. i remember doing dat once.. which i regreted cuz i make everyone unhappy but wat i wrote on the status was d fact.. but this frens of mine.. both oso love adding salt and pepper into their stories so what i usually do is jus listen and say 'hmmmm'. cuz seriously.. i dunno who to trust and i dont wish to trust either one of them cuz both are also my has been almost 2 years i think.. but they still talk bad about each other.. argh.. im not being bz body here.. but sometimes i wonder.. y do ppl still wanna think about what had happened in the past??

my other frens oso.. this person.. will keep talking bad about my another fren and i mean really really bad !! and it is so mean!!..not only to her frens.. to her bf's fren?? chung who ever dat she is frens with.. it has been 3 years yo.. go get a life..stop stalking! stop talking shits about other ppl.. cuz at the end of the day.. all this shitz will all come back to u..jus look at ur situation now! trust me or not.. but when it reaches u back i shall clap my hands so loud that ur ear drum burst!..and go celebrate.. i do get dat oso.. but i dont care.. as long as ppl think dat im not den im not.. so bring it on lah if u think dat saying them makes u less bad!

so anyways.. back to my story.. so yeah.. they have been shooting each other since 2 years back.. till now.. can u imagine how deep the grudges they have for each other??? for what i can think of is they both still think about each other tho they both already has someone new in their life..they hate each other bcuz they proly havent settle their problems.. dats y lah! wat my fren said ' they do not wan to face the reality!'

y not forget about what had happened bfor this and move on with life?? there is a life ahead of u wei!..i used to get angry whenever ppl talks bad about me.. but who gives a shit lah.. jus say watever u wan..if dat can make u feel happier cuz i know u do feel happy after saying dat..cuz proly u wan ppl to feel pity for u?? argh.. no actullay.. u know y?? da whole world know what kind of person u are but they r jus keeping it to themselves and also getting ready to shoot back at u when they have reach to a point where they cuden stand u anymore..i have reached to a point where i cuden b bothered anymore.. so whenever u talk bad about me.. and when ppl come telling and asking me whether is true or not .. all i will say is ' no comment.. believe it if u think its true' dats all..oh and im not being perasan k i jus wanna let them know what ill think...i get a lot lah.. from lotsa ppl.. all diff diff wan.. and mostly all i dunno wan.. so weird! and im sure u will think dat i have issues with everyone but NO.. this ppl talks bad about me cuz of the main culprit who started spreading fake rumours..and that also i dunno who cuz all their comments on me are all the same ...jus look at how strong the word of mouth is! it REALY DOESNT MATTER WHETHER WAS UR FAULT OR MY FAULT..what matters is whether we accept for what ever dat had happened and take dat as a learning process.. and im really sorry if i have ever made u upset...ok frens?? dowan to fren me is ok but ill still treat u as my fren! and i mean it! im NO ONE till im talked about.. so thanks to u im SOMEONE now..

y not b happy cuz being happy makes u a better person..=).. love urself a bit can ar by making urself happy?? if u dont love urself its ok but think of ur fam a bit lah.. im sure they love u very much! they also dowan to see u sad right??y not make more frens rather den adding one extra enemy into ur fren's list?

so anyways.. i cant blog long la.. i gotta cont studying.. after mon u wun hear me saying' cont studying' anymore! hehe..after exam m gonna reward myself something!! haha.. for studying very deligently! haha..and i cant wait to go tulip garden soooooooooon!



He has definately gone to be a better place... but till now i still cant accept the fact that he is not here tell me stories about his life since he was small or even play with us anymore.. ever.... it is jus so hard seeing other ppl having fun with their families.. i still miss him very very much.. y sad things have to happen to me..if i have ever made anyone sad punish it on me.. dont punish on someone dat i truly love and care..i jus cuden believe that this is happening.. it has been 8 months since he has gone to a better place... but sometimes i wonder.. is der really such thing as heaven.. if yes.. if he is at heaven.. will he be watching over me from up der and making sure that im alright?? Does God has other plans for him so dats y he needs to leave us so early??=(

i tot i was gonna be ok after a period of time.. but i started thinking about him very often these few days.. it hurts me seeing him go away jus like dat without leaving any messages to us.. it hurts thinking back that we all were not der with him when he had his last breathe.. it hurts so much..=(..

i feel so sad know.. i do not know whether will i b as hyper as i used to be last time hits me so hard that it takes so long for me to stand on the ground back.. i may seem happy in the outside but in the inside of me.. i m crying my heart out hoping dat all this was jus a dream and when i wake up i can hear him calling me to go downstairs and drink the orange juice dat he make for me every morning...=(

its jus so hard...


Thursday, November 12, 2009


hello!! jus had my first paper today!! it went ok ler.. hehe... really hope i can score well for this paper..=D
been bz for the past few days revising everything... hehe.. anyways.. i cnat blog long ler.. i gotta cont studying for my another paper which is also my last paper den im DONE with university!! hehehee..*finger crossed*

k la.. gonna bath now.. and den play psp awhile...=P.. den only study...=D



its for u..=)


Monday, November 9, 2009


hello.. its 4.33 am now..i cant sleep anymor eafter dat terrible dream dat i had jus few mins ago.. dammmm!! i was damm worried lah.. but i think i worried for nothing now for i know dat its not gonna happen..haha!! if dat really happens im gonna kick her till she got no face to see ppl anymore.. haa...
so yeah.. now oso is d best time to wake up cuz i need to cont study. i wanna get 2 more D!!! haha.. and also.. as u know.. da internet here in perth... we pay 130aud for 130 G here and we r sharing with 10 ppl in the house.. so faham faham la.. each ppl 13 g! but some ppl... i oso dunno y.. dunno how to use brain and think.. this person used up all the peak time which was 70 g. ok fine.. mostly la.. and dat oso not enuf.. yet.. stil downloading even till now.. so now during offpeak hours.. only we can serve the net.. den i can check my facebook's games and also update my blog.. haha!!

ok i think im talking one kind d.. im still very shocked la bout the dream i had.. i cant wait till to tell b in d morning.. haha.. i mean..later.. hehe..
so yeah..
good morning ppl!.


Saturday, November 7, 2009




stop downloading pliz!!!
omg!! already exceeded the quota limit d but still wanna cont downloading???.. no brain or what?????

omg!!! i cant even harvest my crops in country story ok!!! cant even go facebook!! omg!!!!


omg!!! this is so crazy!! happens like almost every month!! how can i stand!! i cant stand any longer anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhh!! thank God im going back sooon d!!





jus got back from work... so tiring!! today biz was goood! and my boss gave me extra one dollar wth! haha.. but she was nice lah.. she asked whether i wan to eat anything or not.. but i said no cuz.... im jus being nice.....haha! dowan lah.. cuz already gonna go back d and i dowan to wait any longer anymore.. haha.. so anyways.. this is something for u guys to read..hope this can make u relax a bit after a long day of work and bsides tmr is SATURDAY!! hehe..i cant blog long cuz i need to cont study lah!!i was damm panic jus now.. was in d library bfor headed to work and i jus realised that i have so much to study !! so yeah!! there u go!

Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee.

The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'.

The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a oom people call him 'Your Grace'.

The third Catholic gent says, "My son is a Cardinal. When he enters a room everyone says 'Your Eminence '.

The fourth Catholic man then says, "My son is the Pope. When he walks into a room people call him 'Your Holiness'.

Since the lone Catholic woman was sipping her coffee in silence, the four en give her a subtle, "Well....?

She proudly replies, "I have a daughter, slim, tall, 38D breast, 24" stomach and 36" hips. When she walks into a room, people say, "Oh My God."


have a good weekend everyone!

love u long time biiiiiiiii....<3

Friday, November 6, 2009


ooopsy daisy!! i forgot to take pics of the food that i cooked yesterday for dinnner!! argh!! sowiee~.. the food was not bad tho!! hehe.. yay!! i can cook already now!! haha.. anyways.. im at library now.. studying my arse offf... and will b heading to work later.. i feel so stressful lah.. omg.. so many chapters to study but so lil time wei!! but thank god i started my the other subjet today as i have only a week to study for dat paper.. cuz PR is pretty easy right?? all common sense.. so yeah.. hope for the best lah... hehe..

i cant chat long lah..

i gotta cont study back.. so yeah... toodles...!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009



im so bored now!!..the weather now is getting hotter and hotter and my armpit is sweating 24 /7!! haha.. yea... dat bad!! worse than Malaysia's weather!!.. i still not in the mood to study now lah!! i jus dunno y!!haha.. cuz everyday is like a holiday to me over here.. haha..
ohw.. i had teriyaki chicken for dinner... nice!!! haha.. tmr is my turn to cook and i plan to cook chilli chicken!! haha.. as u know, im currently working now in Han's cafe.. they sell chinese food like othe normal chinese restaurants.. so yeahh.. got inspired by their cooking.. ( we got free food der so yeah.. i have tried almost all the dishes der.. nect am gonna try the sticky rice ice cream!!.=)..) and the food is gooooooood!!!..haha.. so yeahhh. i will take pic of my food tmr and upload here!! hehe.. m going for house meeting now.. ill blog soon k...

OH! and all d best to all my frens who r sitting for exams!! may u score well!!..


Tuesday, November 3, 2009



something funny happened yesterday!! so funny that i couldnt stop laughing even till today.. haha..

should i post it up?? hmmmm.. HAHA!!



OMG!! im up so early!! i cant believe it myself!!.. will b heading to library in a whilst time.. argh!! i dunno y but im so stressed up now!! tho its only 2 papers for my exam but im panicking now.. i think cuz i never go for lecture! haha... anyways.. shall talk sooon...


Monday, November 2, 2009


sorry been bz with games on facebook and psp games..haha..
anyways.. so excited! exams in a week time and im done!! no more studying d!!.. hehe..
we just came back from scarborough beach.. so damm tiring.. and d weather was so so hot!!..
i have only 2 papers to sit for my exam.. which is good.. but at the same time no good also cuz i never go for lec for my one of my papers so i do not know what is going on.. haha.. so gonna study the whole day tmr at library..with dee..hehe..
im very happy that i have already fixed things up.. i jus did not realise that i was d one who is to b blame...i always think that im the right one but i didnt realise that i make so many people sad and angry..but there are some ppl who like to purposely bring my name down but i dont care world doesnt revolves around u..but if u still talk bout me ill jus assume dat u still like me and still think about me..hahha.. jk!.. but seriously.. im sorry if i have ever made anyone sorry everyone.. sorry baby..=(
anyways.. i cant blog for too long cuz m going to cont studying now.. will blog after my exams k..=)


Sunday, October 25, 2009


im angry im mad and im thinking of leaving.

Good night!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

C Restaurant!!

hello!! pictures as promised!! haha..da food was so gooood!! awesome place to have dinner with ur love ones!!.. and its a spinning tower some more..( i cant rem what is the right word for yeah..spinning..haha) its someting like da one they hav in yeahhh...but we cant really feel the movement tho.. busy eating our food.=)..haha.. enjoy the picturesss.=)

With Love..


hey..sorry for abandoning my so bz lah these few days..busy with assignments and presentation but its all over now!! except for capstone!! which is this coming thurs...haha..thank God my group helped me put just now cuz i do not know what to to present!!..haha..oh oh!! and im so happy that we hav got 33.8/ 35 for capstone!! first first 35 wan !! den he moderated!! yeah... anyways.. me and bi will b heading to C restaurant for dinner.. my tutor gave me this $50 voucher!! so nice!!.. of cuz la we not gonna order anything which reach till 50 only!!.. hopefully that can cover 2 person's main yeah.. i will upload pics on dat k..gotta go...


Thursday, October 8, 2009


i dont feel like im being taken care of anymore..

Saturday, October 3, 2009


haha..this pic jus made my day!!..=D..haha u bi!!

Friday, October 2, 2009



im back!! im so bored now!! suppose to b doing my asian management slides now but im not very sure how to do start doing it..haha..i need bee's help!!..=D

anyways.. attented baby's convo at Uni yesterday!! congrats my dear! yay now u can work and give me half of ur salaries!!=D

time passes so fast!! mine would be on feb next year..den what should i do next?? cont with masters?? or start looking for a job?? or terus jadi air stewardess???.. i dunnno!!!..

anyways.. im not gonna upload all d pics dat i took yest here..too many d!..

congrats baby!! so lazy to blog d now a days..i think im gonna stop soon d..haha

anywayz..gotta go..wanna play facebook games awhile..=D

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

yay! happy!

yay!! done with the hot stamping!!..=D


and im very proud of it!!..=D

if u r about to think dat im showing off den get lost...muahaha.. happy..

has been missing my baby princess for a week!!


anyways.. i jus got back from Royal perth show and my feet is so pain!!..

im gonna upload d pic tmr or something k...haha

good night..=)


Perth Royal Show here i come!


so sorry for not been updating my blog for quite sometime.. was busy with holidays boy fren and his fam..=)

so many things to talk but i dunno where to start..hmmm..

haha..anyways.. i jus finish frying rice!!..=) yum yum!! gonna bring it to the carnival cuz apparently the place der doesnt come with food.. the ticket cost like 22AUD wei!! and that is only for the entrance yeah...will take lotsa pics and upload here soon going out soon d...



Sunday, September 6, 2009

happy father's day( Australia)


i love u and missed u very very much

im sorry if i hav ever let u down in any ways

i missed u so much

sorry for not spending time wit u when u were still alive..=(

sorry if anyne of us take u for granted

and daddy, thank u for giving all of us such a good life and i will b grateful for wat i have now

without u, we would not be wat or where we are today

i have to rem dat all dat i have now come from u and i will appreciate dat

thank u daddy

i really missed u very much

missed those days where we used to laugh and play together

i really hope u r happy cuz dats wat i wan u to be

Happy and smiling always

Happy father's day

and also to my noti bro..happy 20th bday!


Thursday, August 27, 2009



sorry for abandoning my blog for so long..haha..
was bz with maple story...haha
i jus finished uploadin pictures!!..haha..damm happy can finish uploading them!!hehe
anyways..this week is our off week so we decided to go to kings park for BBQ!!! i like!!
but the best part was we forgot to bring da meat balls, cutlery, and OIL!! haha
we ended up having sausages and some sweet potato as our dinner..but too bad me and drew left early for his ball game so we didnt get to eat anything!!..hehe..
and also!! i almost died dat day!! omg!! wat a disaster!!
right bfor we started with our bbqing and all..we hav to wait for other ppl to finish their the boys( fond teck onn and nick tsau) decided to play futsal on da grass!!..dat nvm.. da best part was.. teck on accidently kick da ball up to da tree branch..we took like almost one hour to bring da ball down.. since we needed some one lighter to b carried up, so y not i try right?? was damm bloddy scary k..i shouted like a mad lady nonstop!!..poor teck onn has to tahan carrying me der..i stand on his shoulder some more..haha..da funniest part was even after trying to get da ball down for few times, i still cant bring da ball down..haha..waste his effort of carrying me..and poor him yest while playing futsal with nick, he accidently sprained his neck..its was proly due to that day la..haih..sorry..=)
anyways..cant upload da pics to my blog la~!! m using drew's laptop now..he is helping me with my work..=))
so ill upload later at night or tmr k..=)



.ps: she looked really funy is this pic..=) ..haha..(my house mate)

Friday, August 14, 2009


yes i know..i havent been blogging for quite some so so lazy to blog la now...haha

im so into maple story now god knows why!! class started like 3 weeks back d and im still paying maple almost all da time...i must stop playing wei!!! haha..lets see..where is stop...hmmm..oh yea.. whne i was back in Kl i went to aquaria with my mum and was actually my first time der..haha.always wanted to go der but its either me or my family not yeah...well it was boring la..i dont understand y some ppl can walk till 3 hours?? gila!! i walked der for like less den one hour only wei!! nothing much inside oso..nothing mesmorized me!!..i expected more la seriously..but oh least when ppl ask da next time whether hav i been der den i can tell dem' yes i have been der!! hehe

anyways..took lotsa pictures der..=)..but im jus gonna uplaod few la..3 i mean..hehe..da rest i will uplaod it on Facebook..=)

me and mumy

haha...this is da sting ray ..da big wan..da face damm cute right..hehe

anyways...not to forget..went for my sistes's convo which was held at nikko hotel in KL..yea took lotsa pictures too but im so lazy to uplaod all here..da rest is at Facebook..=D

hehe..k la..gonna go out soon wanna shop for pumps!!..=D


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


guess where am i now??? at uni playing left 4 dead...with drew and frens..=)



Sunday, July 19, 2009


dam lazy to update my blog la these few days..i think its d weather la...haha.
so anyways..suan kuan was right la..when u bought something dat u always dream of having, it will eventually make u wan to keep buying and buying..haha...he even bet with me dat if i can stick to my Lv bag and dont buy anymore till i die den he will get me 10 diff types of Lv bags!!haha..
anyhow..this is not my main purpose not into Lv products or wat so ever..i jus so happen to like d design of that particular bag ler..hav been looking for that type since....coll???..yea..2 years bag i bought this green square bag from cats whiskers and i love it very much! love it cuz of the simple design..jus green and its square..and so kam ngam Lv has dat i got it!..=)..and looking for an Lv wallet..haha...i ve been wanting to buy a wallet ,jus dat havent found d right wan yet..but dat day when i was at the Lv shop..i saw many nice designs ler...its a bit pricy ler..but buying in Aus is way cheaper den buying in i got the green light d from mum and im so happy!..haha..i saw few whites wan..not very sure wats da name oso..haha..see!! im not in Lv bags wan k! dont even know da model name yeah..hav veen using this pink mickey wallet for 2 years i think..and its very black d now..=)..
but i myself oso not very sure whether to buy or not..if i found wallet that looks nice for me..den ill jus doesnt matter whether its a normal wallet without brand or with brand..da important wan..looks nice can d..=)..i know it is a waste of money to buy an Lv wallet..but u know..for me..if i d hav a proper bag and wallet which can last for long..y not right??.. da green bag dat i bought hole dekat bawah!!..i accidently put my screw driver inside my bag..sigh...but at least i have one proper nice i shall use it for long...=)

ill b going back to perth later at 12.05am flight..sigh..i really dont feel like going back la...i like it here so much..sigh...if i stay here ill miss him..if go ill miss my fam...=(...

cant type long d..gonna cont packing...



Friday, July 17, 2009



so sorry for not been updating my blog...da food has taken over me and is making me feel very sleepy every time after i eat GOOD food!! yummmmmm... had lou shi fun at ss 15 nice!!....hahah and yesterday had pan mee at ss 19!..haha

anyways...lets roll back shall we??
few days after i came back from perth i went for yum cha with eddie tim kenny and chan..its was a good yum cha session lah!!..good people..good food!..we went to kandar at jaya one till 1 den we decided to go for supper..this tim came up with his briliant idea bout going to gotong to hav prawn mee... a bit gila right...all d way der jus for prawn we ended up makan at KL..petaling street derr..not very sure wats da place called but according to eddie..they serve da best lou shi fun der..and sorry guys if da pic wasnt clear cuz i did not bring my camera..managed to took it with my iphone..=)

omg!! it takes so long man jus to load a pic!! im gonna uplaod all on Fb k!!

im gonna makan now...yea i know its early ..k la...=)



Sunday, June 28, 2009


so sorry for not been updating my blog!! been bz lah!!..i took lotsa picures these few days!! but im not gonna upload all of them here ler..i uploaded them on Facebook d! gonna be bz this few days oso...gonna b busy packing to go back malaysia for the holidays..yay!!
so yeah...

ill definately gonna blog everyday when i reach malaysia cuz i need to self quarantine myself at home for 7 days! yeah..gonna update wat i do from day to night..haha..
k la..gonna sleep now..omg!! its 3 in d morning..good night!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009


i have come to a point where i cuden stand being sad so tired u know..i really wanna rest..exam went ok..thank god for dat..what worries me most now is my bro..tho he is a very noti boi but still he is my bro..he was admitted to the hospital and till now doc is still not sure what is wrong with him..

i do not want to keep feeling sad or down for losing one of the most important person in my life as it is affecting me real bad...i promise him that i will study my arse off to come back with that cert and show it to him..i may look ok from the outside but the inside of me really hits me so hard that it takes me so long for me to stand back on the ground..y sad things must happen to it because ive done something bad bfor and since god still has mercy for me so he hits it on someone dat i love n care so much???..i tried so hard to keep myself busy like watching some movies on foxtel.i jus watched alvin and the chipmonk and mama mia btw..=).. but the thing jus keep coming to sacrifices so much for us..he rather stay in indonesia and work hard jus to see a smile on each of our faces;dat cute lil smile dat he alwyas gets after he gets back from work when we were still a lil gal..i miss his smile so much. i wan him so badly..i know its imposibble to see him again..but his memories with all of us willl b kept in my heart; the way he smiles, the way he walks, wat he usualy brings when we go for outing; a packet of tissues, his ipod and a bottle of water..i jus hate da feeling now..i guess things r diff now.. n it wun b perfect anymore..cuz it seems dat everything that we r about to do in da mere future will b diff..we will smile when we r happy but sad at da same time as he cant experience doing it with us.. having to live the way things r now is gonna b tough..real tough.. head is spinning..i cant type gonna rest now..

once again..happy fathers day..=)


happy father's day.. so sorry for the super late updates...been bz with exams and!!..hahaa here jus to wish all fathers out there a very happy father's day..i know its a lil too late for me to wish but its not 12 yet!..=)..

dad, happy father's day...i know u heard what i said yesterday..i hope u r happy up sad dat i cant send u cards to wish u or even call u straight now..jus want u to know that u r the best dad ever and no one can ever replace u in my u di...='(

much love...

i will update tmr or something so tired la these few days..lotsa things on my mind..=)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


so many things to do but so lil time i have!!

argh!!! finals is jus around d corner but im so so lazy to start studying..!! sorry for abandoning my blog for some not hav the time to blog at this period of time..arghhh..stress giler babi!!..
will upload denise's bday party pics sooon k!!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


hey..will b away for few days...busy studying for the upcoming test on mon..=)

Monday, May 11, 2009


u know it would b really really nice if i have close realtives around me..seeing my frens pics celebrating their bday with their realtives really makes me happy for them and at da same time sad for me and my fam...every year we celebrated each of our bdays with only mum dad and da siblings.. and now dad is not around anymore, it will only left da 4 of us.. and sorry babe! cant b der fo ur bday! hope ull hav ur fun with june hui da squirel !!..=) anyways.. yea..its sad la seeing happy pictures....

it has been 3 months since my dad has gone to a better place and u know..i finally managed to handle it better now..tho i still cry sometimes bfor i sleep but im so much better now..=) has been 3 months and dad's side never contacted my mum at terrible ok..i mean...we r all fam ok...y wanna ignore all...last time worse...when my dad is still around they will only call our house fon to look for my dad...and dats all terrible...from da very start ,they all jus dont like seeing us happy..even they dont like seeing my parents happy.. and now no need to say lah...worse...i dont like my aunty..i hate her so much!! she jus cant stop puting fire even aftre so long..she still talks bad bout my mum to my dad when my dad goes to look for his mum and r a teacher la for god sake!!..and u teach moral some more omg!! do u think backstabing ur own in laws is good ar???..i jus hate her la..u know dat day after da funeral she still can call me asking whether my dad got write will and all or not..i was like...wth!!mind ur own business la..even if he did oso, u wun even get his money la..and i said yea he got la..den she ask me how much some more..omg!!...she damm money minded lah!!..she damm kepo some more...she knows dat oso u know..she jus dont like seeing us happy!! she is so bad!!..i hate her!! no wonder nobody likes her when she was teaching at seafield scul!! serves her right!! lagi worse..they never even bother to call and ask how is my mum ok!!..and u know! i felt damm happy dat day when my mum told me dat she bumped into my aunty at the bank and my aunty, as usual la...acting like she care..asking my mum how is she all..and u know wat my mum did?? she jus walked off! good lah!! sure she damm malu lah and go back to her mum and start complaining der lah and who gives a shit!!.. now dad not around d and she cant complain to my dad..she jus love complaining to my dad every single thing wei...and she expects my dad to choose la..them or us...but my dad alwyas give in.. cuz he knows dat we all understand his situation..hate her so much!!..and she doesnt like me for god knows y oso!! ever since i was born into this fam she never liked me ok!! dat nvm.. she can say dat im a very ugly gal and i look like my i think dat is y she doesnt like me but i dont care la..

haih...u see..i jus hate this kind of relatives.. they only bother bout u when they wan to find out stuff..terrible...i think its better if this ppl dont kacau my mum anymore...haih..seeing my mum on webcam d other day make me sad ler..i know dat she is trying to b happy whne she talk to me cuz i know she doesnt hav da mood to talk as well.. haihh..

sorry no pics today..been bz with assignments and tests...ohw and yea..was playing with my web cam and took few pics as well..haha...i show u one of my bestest pic k??chehwah!..hehehe

so ok signing off...will talk sooon..=)




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

=) sorry for the late post..hehe..been busy...yesterday went to harbour town for kai kai with bi..and i finally found da australian clock!!..hehe..gonna buy it da next time i go there as i have to confirm with mum which is is da nicest wan!!..=P..

oh..den we went to watch movie after dat with denise and ming wei...we watched fast and was not bad ler..tho i expected more..but i do enjoy it thing good bout da cinema here is dat its free we sit where ever we like..hehe...ohw and yeah...hav to bd er early a bit lor..later no place..hehe...

i cant talk more la..need to do my strategic management's assignment....=(..damm stress la this mid term result oso nto dat good..haih...damm panic ok la...will talk sooon...=)

with love..=)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

dont make it hard as it already is not gonna say much here cuz this is jus between us..
im tired la..
i jus cuden stand it anymore..
im so tired...
no mood to blog ler..
ill upload d yesterday's party's pics tmr k?



Friday, May 1, 2009


damm annoyed with my group mate!!...
im so stressed out wei...studying abroad is not as easy as wat u tot it will be....haihh.. but it is definitely a challange for me!!..=)
so anyways..i received a news from a fren of mine tellling me that one of our fren is getting married...on MOTHER'S day!! week!! yea..dats fast right!! but she has found her man so i think dats good enuf la to get married dat early...hehe...know her since form 1 ler...dat time was at SJ scul for half year..den she shifted to 13 we practically hang out together la wei...go for makan together and all..even we went for the same tuition happy for her lah..finally found her soul mate..=)

i cant talk much la..need to do my assignment...eeeeeeeeee!!
hate assignments!!!..
so yeahh.. oh!! im gonan go to garden city tmr tmr with bi in da afternoon to buy pressent for ming wei...he is having a bbq party at the night at tania's place...cross dress is da code..yay!! can dress bi!! okay..
will put up some pics sooon aftre da party..=)..


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

=)) promised!! pics!!heheh

i hope i can upload more pics and talk more on wat happened for da past few days but da connection sudd went sissy lah!! room mate jus came back and now streaming..omg!!!...

actually i d uploaded all on my u all see der la k..i need to get back to my entrepreneur assignment...see yea...=)