Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy happy!!



with love,

from Me and Princess Candy!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

boooo! going out with sis next week to has been so long since we both went out together...hehe..cant wait.anywaysss..went to watch the spirit 2 days ago with was okay la but i duno y most of da ppl said d at da movie wa horrile and all..some of dem left 15 mins afte da show some mood to blog la today....stupid aunty pisssed me off jus nowwww...eeeee...

this was taken while we were at da changing room..we always do dat actualy..=)

this was taken 2 days ago outside cineleisure...=)

gtg..will upload da water fall pic tmr or something k!!..

good day ppl!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


heys..i went up genting last year bfor my birthday with da family..ahaha.. my blog all jumble up d..suppose to upload da genting pictures first but den luper pulak..haha..anyways.. we went der in da moring came back arund 7...tiring day but we had fun!!

hiayo..ill upload later k..need to do my visa stuff first..=)


hello..good afternoon !..hehe..i set my alarm at 11 bt i woke up at anyways..i had a great time on my birthday on the 22nd Dec. celebrated with family at home..bought a cake from Secret Recipe...yea i turned 21 d!! omg!!! so old d!!!!! and im gonna b 22 this yeazr!!zomg!!!...and da next day went for dinner with happy cuz im stil celebrating with my family bfor i leave for Aus as im not sure whether will i be coming back anymore or ask me to stay der and find a job many things in mind many problems come at the same time some more..i jus dunno wat to do now...Dear God, please show me or help me or guide me.. wat should i do to make things get better . watever i do now is not helping him at all..not making him any better tho he got some r some of my birthday picturesss.=)


this is daddy here..and mummy at the back carrying dragon..=)

Dragon greedy!!!!

daddy and me!!!

last but not least..BABY!!!

updatessss!! a bad bad blogger...haha...anyways..let da pic do the talking shall we???=)

on the 254th of Dec ,i followed my sis and joined her for Christmas dinner at TGI at Sunway pyramis with her went pretty ok..took few pictures only cuz after dat bi came and pick me as we have other party at ju's are some of the pictures taken at r some of the overdue picturess..=)

me and my sis..muaks!!!( sis trying to look cute der..=)..)

here are the pictures taken at Ju's christmas party..=)

Gary and his gf, Lina..

haha.lets look at wat my new camera can do..its magic people...hahah..this is brnadon btw...( take 1) camera has this function called da smile detactor.. so if u r not smiling after taking a pic..u can eventually make ur face smile..but this look really weird la...and funny k..everybody started laughing afer seeing this..hahah.. take 2..this is da second degree laugh..=)

haha..this is da 3rd degree laugh..hahaha..

ok lets try another one..hehe..this is cheryl here..hers turned out nice...hehe.take 1

der...tada!! hers nice right??=) looks so real...

haha..lets try another one k...hehehe..

hahahahahahaha....brandon, king han and cheryl...king han looks like a lego character..hahahaha connection here is so slow today!!! ill cont uploading pictures tmr k!!..hehheee.. muaksss..

good nite bi...=)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


lalalala/ sorry for the late late late updates..hahah...damm lazy to blog now..some more now having holidays..summer holidays weii...haahha..every morning kept telling myself to update my blog and upload da pictures but i eventually will on da laptop and start playing maple story...ahha..yea i know its childish but its fun k cuz baby is playing as anyways...did lotsa stuff la during da holidays..went for movies with baby and his frens...we even went for one day trip to selayang for the waterfalls..ahah.. i took lotsa pictures la but den u c as u all know im a very clumsy gal...dat nite after droping me off i turned and waved at baby and i did realise dat da cover of the camera was loose but dat time excited ma saying bye to baby..after dat 2 waves, my camera fly from its cover and fell like a heroen..haha...heard 2 loud sound wei..omg...and today went to mid valley to send for repair..luckly is warrantied u c...hahaa..

so anyways..went shopping for d past few days to shop for my summer and winter clothings..keke..will b leaving fro Aus next gonan miss my dad da most as now he is not in a very good condition..bsides CNY is jus around da corner..i hope we all will make use of the time and spend time together...

so i think i will upload da pictures tmr k..ill now actually at is jus next to me playig dota ok....good nite..=)