Monday, December 8, 2008

er.... bz with holidays till got no time to blog..hehe..anyways..pomise will update tmr was hell of a day lah..went up genting with fam...anyways...gonna sleep now..=)

toodlessss..=) u bi..good niteeeeee..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lalala paper down went pretty ok i guess...questions r way toooo general till i dunno what to write so therefore i write everything dat i can remember..haha..but a bit worried tho..sigh...please!! jus grant me 21 marks at least!!! =) studying my OB and finance now..sigh..stress wei..k la...


Saturday, November 8, 2008


hey hey..sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time..darn bz with exams and all now..will revive back my blog after exam k..after 18th of november..=)...


Monday, October 20, 2008


heylow..jus had my LAST presentation this went pretty ok i guess jus dat i did a lil mistake by not explaining da intro correctly..aha..but thank god its over..=)..hehe..anyways..last nite went to the apartment at KLCC der with bi and frens..went der to support shafiq..=)..they were having this project called da Project knock..projext regarding saving da orphanage home if im not wrong..we were der late so not very sure yeah..we paid like 60 bucks for da food..they said it was buffet style but den they took da food away after seeing no one satnding up to take their food...wth..ahha..da food was very nice ler..dang forgot to take pic..lets with vegetable sauce..potato cheese...nice..=)..den with cheese oso den lala..dang i cnat eat dat due to my anyways..we were der till 12 plus..da event ended at around 10.30 ..den we went down stairs to drink..with talk talk den balik...hehe..came back around 12 plus..den suppose to sleep but den wanna practice with slides first jus in case if i forget what im suppose to say..ya know...hehee..slept around gonna cut my hair tmr...i feel so not the fresh keeping so long hair..haha, tmr im going to summit to cut my will b der to accompany me..=)..

hiayo i dont feel like blogging ler..damm tiring la gonna sleep soon d...yeah i know its top early..its only 8.30 now but den i really not in da mood at i will blog tmr k..=)

anyways..its raining now and i miss u bi..=)..

bi ..i know dat this sem may not seem to b easy for u due to the lotsa assignment given by ur lecturers ..some more all dueing like this week right??? dont worry so much ler..u WILL for sure pass all da subjects...after this week everything will b ok d ma hor???..jus dont do last min anymore d lor..hee..i may not b der with u tru all the hard times but jus so u know im always der when u need me or need someone to talk to k??..even how bz im..i will for sure spend time with u if u need me..anytime..=)..lope u sweetie..=)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

heheh taking a break now from preparing my slides for my monday's presentation..haha..and dat would be my last presentation for this sem..yay!! instead of taking a nap i blog la..ive been sleeping a lot lah..woke up at 11 plus jus now..slept back at 3 plus..den wake up cont with da slides..den slept back some more till 6..omg..ahaa..i feel fat now...haha..

ohw...i pierced my navel d..yay!!..haha..da process was darn fast ler..i pierced at one u at this shop called dragon fly...=) hurts a bit ler..felt like somehting penetrate into my skin...haa..but thank god its over...for da past few days ive been hearing stories bout the shop at pyramid ler..i actually made appointment with da guy der d...but den after listening to my frens saying da place der dunno can b trusted or not cuz looks damm doggy so i decided to not to go appointment was yesterday at 2.. but i jus told da guy la something came up and ill get back to him soon..which i dont think i will also..ahha..thank god bi was der with me..he is such a sweetie..i know he was hungry dat time but he waited for me to go for my piercing first den only we eat..hehe..after piercing..we went to makan at kluang station..heh..den we went walking la till 3..den we went for our movie at 3.20..hehe..we watched max payne...very nice! worth told me its from a comic wonder la da title sounds darn familiar..hehe..da story line was very nice...hehe..after dat we went was raining dat time and also it was 5 plus when we left so we were caught in da jam for like dunno how long..not dat long la..heh..we reached bi's house around 6 plus i guess den had dinner at his place..hehe..den after dat we went to summit cuz i wanna get a clock for my room cuz right everytime i need to refer to my phone ler..dat oso if my fon is next to me..or else i hav to walk to my fon to know da time once i wake up..hah..but den couldnt find da right looking for a purple clock..hehe...actually saw one at one u..from da ibox shop..but its a bit too expensive for the size ler...but its very yeah after dat went yum cha wit bi's fren at old taste was nice la..haha..they r all very funny people..hehe..den head home back at 12 ..


ooh..btw..i have done making da rabbits origami..=)..hehe...come i show u all..=)

hehe...i did it like yesterday...suppose to pass one to bi but forgot to bring it..will pas one to him soon sooon.=)

im gonna continue with my slides toodles...=)

p/s: thanks bi for spending time with me dat u lots bi..=)

Thursday, October 16, 2008



i was too bored jus now while waiting for my parents to come back from econ save..hehhe..and also waiting for bi to on back his fon cuz his battery kong d..hehe..

so i decided to try to make paper craft..hee..which is a rabbit!!'s sis gave it to me cute of is not hard at all wei tho da pics may look a bit's sis said dat she also printed out for me da colour papers which when u fold it to form da rabbit shape, at the same time they coloured for u which looks a lot like a rabbit..ehehe..she printed out 2 colours..white and u know la.i damm clumsy wan i tried using A4 paper first ler..test test first..eheheh...i even showed my dad..he said it was very cute k!!..hee..sis as usual la..look at me one kind liek as if its my fist time doing,...hehe..come come i show u all..=)

cute ler!! first attempt k!! not bad D!!..

cute cute!!hehe..der..dats da instruction papers if u can c..which is below da rabbit and da psp..=)

hehe..mind da quality eh..i used my phone to take one...hehe...

so later im gonna fold it using da colour papers given..ehhe..

so letc...i went for class at 8 today..darn early wei...had breakfast with mum at usual..i talked a lot dat time..ahah..yeah chit chat tilll 7.30 den mum drop me at coll..hehe.waited like dunggu class today from 8 to 2 wei..omg...i came back at 12 da day bfor and did not sleep till one plus ler..wa sdoing my finance assignment..last touch up..hehe..den dat time oso cant sleep ealry cuz i jus finish washing my was very sleep ler this morning..cant tahan wei..mum picked me up at 2 ..bfor dat went to look for bi to pass his past year paper to him...and of cuz to c him..eheh.cuz seeing him can actually make my day brighter..=) u bi...=)..happy doing assignment der..hehe..

so den went home terus i tido..cant tahan..but den dat time was so in da mood to play da lego star wars on i played like for half hour..ahha..den only sleep..ehe.slept till 6 plus...ahah..den wake up eat my dinner..hehe..

eeeee..i got presentation lah on mon for last presentation for this sem...ahaha...haven even prepare da slides yet..chillling la..ahahaa..ok gonna do my research now...toodles...=)

Monday, October 13, 2008


i miss bi lah!!!!

lala so bored now..waiting for da briefing later at hav asked dee to wait for me got extra class at 12 so cant teman me..haih..hehe...ohw bi jus had his presentation jus now at usual..looking cute as so excited gonna get my navel pierced on this friday..made appointment d...very excited wei...bia nd dee will b der with doing it at pyramid in front of da escalator der...yeah..and im buying this stud which comes with 10 diff patterns and cost only 90 wei...cuz rite if u buy jus one particular stud it costs u like 50 bucks wei..tho its nice..haha..but den i plan to get dat in da future when im d sick and tired of these 10 patterns yeah let me show u da stud dat im getting..but den still confuse now..not sure whether to get pink or blue.....or purple mayb since i love purple a lot...haha..come i show u all..hehe

actually ders also other colours wan but not white and how???..get all la right???haha..crassssy...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

piss sial!

u know ar..i dont understand y some ppl are not greatful with wat they hav now..they r being so da greedy wei...taking things for granted and all...and da worst part is..they will NEVER think that wat they did was wrong..omg...dat pisses me off da not gonna let this ppl affect me.. but i jus need to complain la..cuz bi sleeps d so cant complain to him so i complain yeah..this particular fren of mine rite..was given a second chance bfor by GOD himself..but still he never appreciates his lifes..he treats his family like shit...he talks bad bout his family a lot in order to get ppls pathetic..and he does know dat his mum loves hima lot but he went and tell da world dat his mum abused him when he was yong..omg..he calls his mum names..and i mean..real real bad names..names dat u should never call especially to ur parents..and he even betrayed his own mum jus cuz dat another person( one aunty who clever to sucks up on her own mum...omg) doenst like his mum as well..omg...betray her by telling dat another person dat his mum talks bad bout her....omg...dun b silly la...u oso kena played by that aunty..damm bodo..u c..i tot dat he will change his behaviours after d incident dat happened to him when he was young..( not gonna mention here..but seriously it was BAD..and trust me.. BAD..)..but he got worst..sigh..and da best part is when he wants something he will talks to u like an angel wei..damm good actor..da hypocrite!!..talking bout him making me piss wei..and head pain now..i think its a sign form GOD asking me to stop talking bout him cuz its not very nice to say all this here..and its not worth talking bout him cuz towards the end of da day.. ppl some how will know wat kind of person he is... da truth is yet to come MR..and like wat my daddy said..he will pay for wat he did..dun let him affects ur life..and one day when u fall hard..dats when u realise dat da ppl who loves u and care for u da most is ur FAMILY..

gonna sleep now...piss...

good nite bi..sleep tight dun let da bee sting u..=)

Friday, October 10, 2008


i miss my baby.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008


heylor..lets roll back to the 20th of september 2008...haha...

supposed to upload pics of me and frens during MAHA's 21st bday dat day..but i didnt bring my camers so gotta wait for dem to upload it on facebook..=)..haha..da party started at 7.30 but me and bi came around 9 plus..haha...cuz bfor dat we went makan dinner with bis family at this duck porridge stall at PJ..super duper nice wei.. plus da warm company der so of cuz la da diner turned out great! and aunty had porridge and bi and uncle had rice..den we ordered all da pork stuff was nice ler..tho it looks a bit the funny but its im missing bi anyways..we were der till like 8 plus..yeah..den we dropped bi's parents back den we head straight to summit to looks for maha's present..dang im so super last min..but luckly bi was der to help chose da present..=) yeah we bought for her earings as she loves earings a yeah den we head terus to maha's place at USJ 9..haha..we were der for a while as bi needs to go back to finish up his last min assignment...hehe..we balik around 11 i think... ar some of da overdue pics dat were taken during da party...=)

timmy..samantha..maha!! shan and jia wei

the blokes..haha..yi jiang..chee ming..johanan (credits to da camera man)..timmy and anish


happy bday maha!! hope u had a wonderful nite dat day!!..muaks

dats about it letc..wat i did today..ohw today rite i actually dont plan to go coll wan..but i jus need to c him..haha..i went for my IMG class at 12 pm..yea as usual da class was boring ..and i almost fell asleep..haha..den after class i had lunch with bi at cafeteria..i was super hungry..cuden help it bi temaned me till like 2.30 cuz he was also eating la dat while waiting for my mum to come, i sat down with bi der..i like staring at him cuz he looks darn cute lah..hah..every thing dat he does is so cho cho cho cute..cuden help it lah but to look at yeah den my mum picked me up den we head straight to pyramid cuz sis needs to pay her maxis bill cuz her fon barred d..i went walking alone instead of waiting for mum and sis taking their late lunch der..hehe..i went walking to look for a top for bi..i went lacoste..polo and few other lacoste tshirt cost like 269 bucks wei...omg..super expensive and da quality not to say very nice went to polo..wanted to buy dat black color shirt for bi but bi's sis bot for him d but jus dat its diff nvm la...went to few other shops but cuden find da right wan still..not easy wei to look for da right top for guys..da cutting must b nice and all..da colour must b da right wan and all..u know..sometimes da cutting is nice but ders only limited colours and da colour dat u want is either no stock or memang dun hav..lotsa things la hav to consider..hehe..but i dun mind la..hehe..its bi ma..hehe..ohw!! im suppose to bake pasta for bi this week but i dun think ill b free la..gotta jaga my face cuz now my face got allergic la..allergic to skin care or mayb week i WILL definitely make pasta for u k!!..=) anyways..went to this earings shop and bought earings..da 4 for 10 bucks wan...and yeah im so in da mood to do piercing now at my cost like 50 bucks plus 20 plus for the gonna do it like next week..haha..i must pull dee come with me..or mayb ill jus go with bi..=) yeah,,we walked der till 5 den we head straight home back..darn slepey wei dat time..went to da gym with dad came back at 6 plus den terus aku tidur..but not long ler..den wake up to take my dinner..and here im now gonna dry my hair now...=)..

so c u....=)..

p/s: i miss u bi....

Monday, October 6, 2008


ching mei: wo ai ni
andrew: wo tu ai ni...


laugh people..laugh..hahah

Sunday, October 5, 2008


im bored now!!..yay!! haha...
its 4.15 now and im missing u dearly...=(..

yesterday had dinner with da family at restaurant south sea seafood at the old airport der..yea but bfor dat we went to the massage place at damansara which is very near to One needs to go for massage as he is not feeling quite well these few days..he hasnt been sleeping for da past few weeks and im getting worried..but i jus did not show it cuz i dowan to add burden to da da best i can do now is..make him happy so dat he wun think so yeah we head to damansara at 4 k!! dang..i rush out from my room with my towel wrapped around my hair..haha..did not hav the time to dry cuz when im suppose to b drying my hair..i spoke to bii for a we reached der at 4.30 mum drove like darnnn fast bullet train lah! we went der and da uncle said dat today he wun b free cuz his time is fully booked by other patients and he asked us to come back tmr in da yeah...rushed all da way here for nothing but i dun mind dat time was 5 plus i told my mum la y not we drop by One u cuz da dinner is at 7.30 i can shop der.!! its been a while since i went der lah..da last time oso with biii..erm...3 weeks back i think..hehe..but mum she said dat by the time we look for parking also almost 6 wats da use...cuz yes was saturday..sure lotsa ppl we end up walking around at centrepoint..ahha..on da way to dat place i kept making noise der la..

ching mei: ders nothing der wan la ma...only food food food only...daddy sure dun like to go wan...haha...

imagine la..i said dat like dunno how many times wei...cuz serioulsy nothing der rite..only restaurants only..but nvm la..since dey hav never been der so let dem c 'great' da place after dat we drove straight to da restaurants..i was in hunger lah dat time so i kept talking and talking la..ahha..we reached der at 7...zomg....we gotta wait till 7.30 as usual la..wat do gals do when they r bored???hahaa.. but we only took 2 pics..haha..cuz my fon's memory was low..=(

me and sis while waiting for dads family to arrive.

and this is a random pic of us..haha..we both look silly but i love it

so yeah..makaned till 9..haiyo...i tell u..aunty ordered like dunno how many dishes der wei...lets..we had da 4 seasons..shark fin soup..tiger big steamed fish..fried rice..2 diff types of crabs flavour..lemon chicken....and she even ordered was ice a 10 cost dinner rite??haha..i stopped eating after da 4th dish..ahha..but my aunty kept feeding me i got no choice but to carry my plate with me whenever i see her standing up and taking food..haha....and after dat bi and his fens came and pick me up nice of dem..eheh..cuz my mum suppose to drop me at asia cafe after da dinner..but bi said he doesnt wan to trouble my i left at 9 we head straight to kota damansara to c lizzie sing songs der...which is at station one..haha..we end up playing co ta tai and moo...ahah...i very clever u jus taught me like few times den i master it d..haha..we played der till quite late ler.haa..i lost track of the time..hehe..i did not notice da time as u know i got curfew at 12..i got back around 2 was fun la hanging out with ppl dat u r comfortable mixing with u know..rather den hanging out with those dat u dunno well like u can say watever u wan or do silly act in front of dem..cuz u know dat they dont mind..haha...rite bi??jason doesnt mind wan if we do silly act in front of him..ahahaha...

haiyo.its gonna rain i shall stop here k..

lazy to type d..hehe...


Friday, October 3, 2008


bi..i hope u c this..

im happy being with u..

not a single day or hour or minute or second dat im not happy about when im with u..

i love u baby..=)

so look me in the eyes and tell me dat u love me too
andrew: yah...yah...i love u too... crazy...

=) back from 2 days ago..was too lazy to blog lah..haha..i blog oso now cuz i miss andrew tan..=).

anyways..we had lotsa fun during da trip..haha..we played mah tai ti..and i lost like 20 bucks k..we used cash and play some more...haha..and we went makan makan..we had sate celup..chicken rice ball..durian cendol...we even had steamboat la.but dat one really cut throat lor...we had so lil but we hav to pay 9 bucks each..actually bi's fren came and stay together with us..and they informed us not to eat dinner outside cuz they will b having they ask us to eat a bit la..but at first we told dem dat we can eat by ourselves but still she insisted us to eat with her and her family..we din expect to pay u c..cuz she ask us to eat a bit..4 of us had so lil wei..and bsides..they will b eating steamboat for the following nite u c..and we wun b eating with dem cuz we d will b in KL..wth..da best part is she even ask bi to get can opener knife and all bfr they arrive..wth wei..and bi..he likes to help ppl so he doesnt mind..but i kinda mind la..asking him to do this and dat..i mean is not dat they never come bfor to stay at da villa..they do know that ther will b no utensils der..not even its obvious right u hav to bring it urself.. ..sigh...but nvm la..over d..but i jus feel like complaining..dats all..hehe..i know i complain a lot..but i do this for bis sake la..i dowan ppl to ask him to do this and dat..ppl d let u stay der for free rite den dun keep asking my bi to do this and dat la..

yea im bad...i know..hehe.. im not being kedekut or anything ler..cuz i really think dat we can use dat 9 bucks to eat something which is worth eating or even worth using it to buy something usefull kan...sigh

ohw ive watched eagle eye with bi, his parents and his parent's fren...hehe..
da movie darn nice wei..its worth watching and its even nicer cuz im watching it with bi!hehe..we had dinner bfor dat at meng tien..opposite pyramid..we had satay and char kuew tiau..and bi ordered da spicy wan..surprisingly i was able to stand da spicyness wei..haa..i used to not to like spicy food wan..proly cuz i mix to much with bi and his family..but i dun mind eating spicy food if i hav to...i dun mind eating spicy food anywhere as long as im with bi...and i mean it..=)..i like mixing around with bi's family cuz they r all very nice and frenly ppl..i like his mum a lot..his mum is a very cute and sporting wan..hehe..she never fails to make me laugh or smile with her funny jokes...she cares for me as well u know..this morning she even called me asking me whether wan her to buy lunch for me or sweeet u know...she is a very nice and cuteeee lady...but bi is cuter!.,.haha..eeee...i still owe bi cupcakes...suppose to bake today but tak jadi..dee suppose to teach me wan..sigh..never mind..will do dat real soon... ohw..while we were walking to da cinema with bis parents and frens..i told him this..

ching mei: bi im very happy cuz im with u now..
andrew: yea im happpy dat u r happy..=)))

haha..i tot he gonna say da same thing back..eee...cute la he..sayang him..!
its 10.12pm now and im missing him so day of not seeing him is like 10 years wei..=( year we r going to Aus to further our studies..ill b der for a year but bi will only b der for half a how??..sigh.. gonna dry my hair now den head to bed..head pain ler..
so okay..good nite..=)

Friday, September 26, 2008


bii!! missing u know..and of cuz i sayang u!.more more more..=)..
weeee!!! my holidays officially starts today!!,...yay!! and im going to Melaca on saturday with bii and frens!!..yay..!! cant wait for dat!!..hehe..we will be staying der for a night at equtorial hotel..i think so..not very sure tho..haha...thank god we will b going der in the afternoon cuz i gotta head to melaca in da morning to pick dad and mum at melaca airport...their flight is at 10.30 am if im not wrong..and bsides i wann travel with bii..i dowan to meet him der..i wanna b der with bi!!..=)..funny rite..go in da morning den after dat go again in da afternoon..but i dun long as im travelling with bii and dats good enuf d..=) hungry waiting for sis to pick me up from coll now...her class finishes at 10 am..its almost ten so yay!! not da type who likes to wait fr ppl u c..except for bi! i dun mind waiting for him..even if it takes years to wait..haha..melodramatic me..hahaah..but i mean it k biiii..=)..

k la..i wanna go wait for sis at concourse area...hehe..i shall update after da trip k..=)..ohw..

by the way! happy birthday EDDIE!!..we all love u!! big boi d lor..'sengmuk' a bit..hahah..u owe us dinner!!..=)..

once again happy 24th bday my fren!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


omg..ive never been this hardworking bfor wei in my whole life...
im now doing my Ob assignment in da library at coll..ahaha..this is actually my first time staying till 6 jus to finish my assig..omg..wat is wrong with me??haha..and im stuck now..hahahh

to be cont...

Monday, September 22, 2008


bi ..i no face lah jus now laughing in front of everyone during the interview session..u cute la da way u smile..u smile at me i laugh at u..actually kan i laugh cuz u look so cute u know when u smiled at me jus now..hehe.. very funny wei jus u bi..haha..

i mish mish u bi..

i like da way u put a smile on my face...
i like da way u smile at me...=)

oh and yeah..jus now u asked me rite how much i love u..when the interview starts.. higher then the mountains and deeper den the sea..haha..good enuf not..hehe..

farni ..

some ppl ar....know how to talk talk talk but den ar..DARE not to put their real names der..damm annoying rite??like super loser wei..actually i dun wish to entertain this ppl..but den sometimes when i think about it , it really makes me feel like laughing wei..damm loser so much but ask dem to put their names they willl give all kinds of excuses so much but when ask u put ur name u chicken out..haah..i feel sad and pity for u wei..darn pathetic..=P..if u dun believe rite u go to my chat box and c..a lot of 'interesting' ppl der..these r da ppl lah who has nothing better else to do..ppl with no life wan..they dont need to study or even work cuz all they do is on da computer and type in''.. and start talking rubbish...haha..actually rite i dun mind if u come to my chat box and talk nonsense but put la ur real name pak cik..not very hard rite??wanna play war also play fair a bit lah..puting ur nick name doesnt mean dat u will win oso...or doesnt mean dat u can make me angry also..ur saying in my chat box wun affect me but i jus feel sad for u lah,...cuz u all got nothing better else to lets put it this way..if u all talk bad bout me means u all dun like me..and if u all dun like me means dat bcuz u guys r jus jealous of silly wei...and im laughing now wei..cuz its really very pathetic so much but put nick names..fight fairly la mak cik..actually i feel happy u least 'these' ppl kan...they not only talk nonsense in my chat box u know..they also read my i got some loyal visitors lah..isnt dat good??thanks ar..for reading my blog..

once again...terime kasih eh..yea i know i sound bitchy but u r bitchier talk talk more nonsense den me..haha..


Friday, September 19, 2008



my fren jus informed me dat da Vl has changed da time for da wonder la!!..omg!!! suppose to b from 8 to 1..and he changed it to 10 to 12..wth!!..

how come i dunno wan???hahhaa


Omg!!.im suppose to be in class now for my VL but only 4 of us der including me...eee. my frens la..they din inform me!! haiyo!!! i decided to skip class and head straight to da resource centre to serach for journals for my OB assignment which is dueing this coming wed...haha..and da best part is i haven even started doing dat yet..ahahaa..i usually will only start doing 3 days bfor..darn professional i produced good results k...haha...

kk i go do my reserach first..toodles...=)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lalalala lazy to blog wei these few days...dunno y..i think its bcuz of the weather lah..haha..makes me feel so sick!!..migrane is killing me wei! almost everynite having this problem!!..

letsc...wat i did today.. so stupid i only got one class from 10 to 12 ..which is my finance international class..i forgot dat this week i got VL for that particular sub on this thurs and fri so therefore there wouldnt b any tut or lec if it falls on this week..darn pai seh weh..went to class..nobody was i called up my fren to confirm la..haiyo..end up having lunch with her till 10.30 den went to resource to play games and check mail and surf surf surf while waiting for mummy to pick me up cuz after dat im gonna renew my passport tho da expire date is on 2010..haha..mum asked me to renew it jus i case if da kastam ppl dun let me go Aus next year..u know la..this kind of thing very hard to say wan..=) anyways..went to terminal 2 and reached der at aournd 12.30..went to da counter to take number but the pegawai said dat

'nombor dah habis so u kena tunggu sampai pukul 2 and since u dah lebih dari 18thn u tak yah ambil nombor..boleh buat sendiri gune machine di luar'.

so ok lah..i went to wait ouside..da machine is inside a room so i qued der for almost one hour ok!!..kaki sakit la i was waiting for dem to open da door i saw this notice board written der' tutup pukul 12.30-1.30pm' so i went and check la wats da time..and stupid...its d 2.30 and the pegawai still not der yet..wth nvm..sudd this indian guy came out of no where..came and chat with me..he said dat he was der at 12 to do it but those pegawai said tutup d..terrible rite!! written der tutup at 12.30 but they themselves went and set their own rules..ish..all dat indian uncle said was' we JUS hav to follow lah da rules dat was given by dem' true man...

waited der like a donkey wei!! the pegawai all some more can take their sweet time to walk.. omg..da room is so small and u need 6 pegawai to b der??all i can is only 2 person working and da rest chit chatting nvm...wat pisses me off the most is when da so call ' boss' der cakap' u all kena ambil nombor kat dalam'..i was like wth den i say la' orang kat dalam kate kite tak payang ambil nombor boleh terus buat kat sini' den everybody who was queing bhind also said da same thing but that fellow great la..say no matter wat we NEED to get the everybody ran la inside..but i walk only lah..cuz my mum d der taking da number for went to da counter inside anther pegawai said no need to take number..wth wei!!..damm pissing off so i walked back to da machine der..aso i told dem la.den da 'boss' der was quite mad lah..den he went and pok pek pok pek with da fellow inside..he din say sorry at all wei..stupid miss communication!! after dat when it comes to my turn to do da thing..this fellow go and play around with my name...wth wei...he pronounced my name as 'ching mai'.. wth..i wanted to say 'nono..pronouced as babi pliz'..but i did not la..ahah..den after dat i look at him la..den i said' its ching mei'..den dat fellow instead of saying sorry he try to joke around with me lah..saying dat my name sounds like chiang mai all..wth...annoying...but i dun care much la..afte dat i jus walked off from der with dad and terrible wth ppls name..if i play with ur name u suke not??no rite??terrrible..

so after dat went to 15 to eat lunch at kopitiam at around 4 plus..with sis and wen to do pysio at ss while waiting for him we go makan lor..waited for dad till almost 5..den went home terus tidur..woke up at 6 plus den bring da doggies for walk walk cuz its been a while since i brought dem out..aha..suppose to go to da gym but too lazy silly la today..i went coll for nothing..but leats can c bi and pass to him da keychain for his car key..he looks so cute today..=) cute and blur..every he needs to smoke every morning so dat he will look fresh and PLiz go look for ur passport..dun play utopia pliz...hahaa..last nite i cuden sleep cuz bi said someting sweet to me...

ching mei:bi u know when im with u..its like as if ive known u for so long d u know..dats wat i feel... yea im crazy
andrew:hahaha..actually quite long lo..since april this year( haha..funny la this part ..lame k bi..=))
ching mei:haha..wa u know oso april..haha..ehehe
andrew:heheh..of coz feelings for u dem deep since last sem u know
ching mei:den now ler bi??same right?=)
andrew:same same..=P
ching mei: bi i love u
andrew:i love u too..hahaha
ching mei: no hahaha..ppl serious
andrew: comel la u bi..manja
ching mei: ppl serious ma..hehe..=))))

bi i sayang u k...ill show u how much i love u when i c u..forgot to to show u today...hehhe.. sleepy d..tmr gonna meet up with my frens to discuss bout the upcoming monday am gonan sleep now..good nite ppl..good nite bi..=)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


yay!! im done with my mid sem exams d!! cho happy!! waiting for holidays to come!!..waiting for baby's exam to b over den we go watch wall-e cuz i haven watch yet..yay...hahah...

im gonan makan lunch now with ar to the thur..=)


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


u know da feeling of falling in love and being loved is so wonderful..its not dat ive never had this feelings bfor..but it jus feels so nice u know after so long..da feeling came at the right time..i do not wan this feelings to go away and come back again da next time..if can let it last forever..omg im being over dramatic..but i dun care..ini blog aku.aku tulis ape yang aku feel like has been a while since i had this nice feelings..ive never felt safe bfor being with someone...somehow i jus feel save when im with u..i do not hav to talk to u or even look at u..since u r so quiet but nvm i suke!! anyways.. jus by sitting next to u and hold ur hands, i already feel dat im safe when im with u..i jus feel happppy jus by sitting next to u..i will never get bored of talking to u cuz u listen to watever crap i talk..and da best part is..u will jus smile at me after cute rite..ahha..and watever silly act i do..or words im not familiar with..u wil still think dat im clever..haha..even when i do not know wat is B.O u still think dat im clever rite bi??tho u said dat's general knowledge all...haha..B.O is body ordour btw..=)..i like it when u disturb me by keep on touching my stomach tho i dislike it so much..but for u its exceptional k...=D..every single thing dat u do is so cute..i jus do not know how to describe dat but of cuz im still da cutest and da smartest..kan bi?? =)..hehe..i dunno wat else to say ler .. if i were to describe u in one word..da word would b ' perfect '..=)

p/s: wanted to use purple colour as da font colour but i decided to use this colour for a reason..sebab u suke warna ni..hahha.u a very understanding gf k ..haha

love u silly..=)

?? so bored now...yea i clever man!! haha..( according to baby..=D) cuz i finish doing my mind map for my OB d..hahaa..cho cute la u..hehe...

i mish mish u bi...=)

Monday, September 8, 2008


hey i came across this mail dat was sent by my mum's fren..its important u read...

Women's Rights
-I was talking with a lawyer friend of mine. We were discussing the lawand women`s rights. She told me about this incident...........A young girl was raped by a man posing as a plain clothes officer..... heasked her to come to the police station when she and her male friend didn't have a driver`s license to show. He sent the boy off to get his license and asked the girl to accompany him to the police station. Took her instead to an isolatedarea where the horrendous crime was committed-.

Infact, the law clearly states that between 6.00 pm and 6.00 am, a woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her .

It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between6.00 pm and 6.00 am ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officerand taken to an ALL WOMEN police station. And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.It is good for us to know our rights. To what extent it comes of use remains to be seen in any situation. But as they say, knowledge is power. Just thought I`d share this with you. I did not know this and am sure lot of us will not know this. ( credit to elijah yen..=)..)

jus another ordinary day but special sikit..haha had our first VL for International management went pretty ok..was from 10 to 2..crassyyyy..!! i tot its gonna b boring u know..but it turned out ok..da lecturer very macho wan ler..good looking some more..butof cuz la not as good looking as bi..haha..=D..after dat i went for my briefing regarding students transfering to i gotta skip for my finance tut which starts at 2..but good also la..i go to class end up talking to dee wan..haha..da briefing lasted for only half hour wei..suppose to go back to class but too lazie lah...haha..dee oso ikut me..kesian her wei..she came coll for ntg..haha..i think she was der for one hour after dat i followed her to da post office lah..cuz her license expired d..mana tau she lupa bawa her purse...great lah we went back to coll to wait for jin li..cuz they suppose to meet up for some photo session for her online boutique stuff...oh and its do check it out..=) suppose to pick me up at 4 but end up waited der till almost went to da resource center to play online games der and chatted with bi for a while..haha..and i cuden stop laughing jus now cuz something funny happened jus now while chatting with u so comel..aku suke at around 6 i gotta walk all da way to TBS cuz if mummy comes to my coll and pick me, it will take another half hour..cuz da jam der was horrible jus i walk walk walk..saw so many familiar faces around but do not hav da guts to say hi cuz they might think im some crazy fellow came out of no where and start saying hi to ppl..but i think dats frenly anywyas..i walk walk i tot after dat can straight away balik..mana tau goat go to 14 der to look for dad..he was doing his physiotherapy was der till 6 plus..den i started to miss him d..ahha..drama la after dat we went makan for dinner outside near my place der...kite not in da mood to blog la..tak tau kenape..i think sebab i rindu die..ish..haha..i kena dengar suare die baru boleh jadi so sleep now.i did not take nap in da afternoon..not use to not sleeping in da afternoon ler..k wanna go call bi now..hehe..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

lalalala feeling hung over now..lalala..
i will update gonna sleep head is spinnig..and my heart sakit sial...
good nite..=)..lalalalalala...

p/s: ....sowie..=(

Saturday, September 6, 2008


a strangled smile fell from ur face.
wat kills me dat i hurt u this way..
the worst part is i didnt even know.
now there is a million reasons for u to go.
but if u can find a reason to stay.
ill do watever it takes to turn this around.
i know wat's at stake.
i know dat i have let u down.
and if u give me a chance.
believe it i can change.
ill keep us together watever it takes.
he said if we r gonna make this work.
u gotta let me inside eventhough it hurts.
dont hide da broken part dat i need to c.
u have gotta love urself if u can ever love me...
i know u deserve much beter
remember da time i told u how i felt
and dat i would b lost without u and never find myself
lets hold onto each other above everything else..

im sorry..=(

Friday, September 5, 2008


i could walk to the end of the world jus to make u trust me back
i could climb on mountains if i can regain that trust from u again..

im sorry..



Thursday, September 4, 2008

heylo!! sorry for not been bloggin for quite some time cuz been very bz with studies and all but i will blog real soon...this weekend hopefully..=)

p/s: i miss u bi...=)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


im speechless...cuz im too happy...=)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


wat we had bfor this was awesome..
but some how we just lost it..
pointing fingers is not wat i do best
saying sorry doesnt mean dat everything will b settled..
da scar will stay der forever..
im not being over dramatic..
u said things dat hurt me..
i said things dat hurt u..
this all started cuz wat u hear is not wat u get at the end..
do not start it if u r still unsure..
do not say it if u do not meant it..
am i being over dramatic??no kan..
i hav deep feellings towards u but things jus cant go da way we want dem to b..
feelings do not go over nite..
can forgive and forget happens at da same time??

can we go back to da past and start all over again??

Monday, August 25, 2008


damm i lost my pen happened like one hour ago....i forgot to take it at the da lab..wth...this is da second time losing it some more...arggghh!


SHIT happens to good people kan??

Sunday, August 24, 2008

sisters day out!! woke up at around 7 to send my bro off to LCCT der..he is going to Indonesia to meet mum and dad der..he is now on holidays for 3 weeks i think..better oso lah he go..den da house wun b polluted with his annoying anyways..reached der at 9 plus..checked in his bagasi..den we went makan at Mcd..den chit chat a bit der lah..telling him not to pick fights with people on da plain..cuz he got no way to run if he does dat..haha..

so me and sis left da airport after he masuk to the "tempat menunggu" at around 10..=) i drove straight to pyramid from der..which takes bout 45 mins..mantap ler..haha..i forgot lah dat today is sun wei..reach der at 11 and we gotta go to da toppest floor to anyways..da first thing i bought when i reach der was PERFUME!!..ahha..actually ive always wanted to buy this particular perfume since 2 months ago d but jus dat do not hav the time to buy . actually jus now bfor i left the airport i went to the perfume shop..they do sell jus dat its very very dats y decided to buy it today at pyramid..cannot tahan d...must buy..hehee..and got 10 percent discount some more lah..=)

i like da packaging...and its purple some more!!..hehe..happy!=)

smells damm good lah!! anyways..after dat we went to forever 21.. cuz i told sis dat they do sell nice shorts der...but sadly no size lah!!..i was looking for that pink carrot cut jean but couldnt find lah!! size!! all also size 26..too small..!!sold d i guess..=(...we went to nichi after dat..sis likes to go der cuz she likes da design and bsides ,it is affordable of cuz!! she bought this pink shorts fom der..ehhe..nice and its striking!! i like it but jus dat its is toooo long for me lah...=P..hehe

pink shorts and red shorts( da one i bought at forever 21 two days ago )=)

ohw i bought a ring for dee from GUESS also...she was suppose to buy dat day wan..but hshe couldnt make up her today while passing by GUESS i called her up la c whether she wants or not..but she said dowan all..hehe..den after while she msged me back asking em to help her buy so i buy for her 60 percent discount so its worth buying dat..=)

tada!!.hehe..i forgot to take da pic bfor passing it to her jus now so i asked her to send to me..i ask her to send da pic of the ring only but she damm semangat lah..pakai and take together..haha...=)

anyways..after dat we went for lunch at Kim gary..couldnt think of any other places to eat lah..hehe.

while waiting for da food to come...candid by sis..( eee so many pimples lah my face!! stupid weather..hahah..)

my pathetic face..haha

this came like after dunno how long...damm alot people dat time so cant blame dem oso...=P

i thicken my skin u know while taking this pic..cuz one uncle was looking here..not looking..more to staring wei...haha..

this is wat i ordered jus now..nice lah!! i think its called da 'hongkong pork chop with tomato sauce'

and this is my sis's food..look so dull kan??and it doesnt taste good lah da cream .it was tasteless wei..but sis she neutral wan..she is not as fussy as me when it comes to food wan..hehe..

ok lah im gonna do my slides now..belum habis doing yet..suppose to do yesterday wan..ahha..but too lazy..toodless...=)



this is da pic ( as pomised) of my dads legs condition while in da operation room...sedap...hahaha

mantap!!..hehe..dat is his tendon..koyak must stitch it back and put button inside..not sure for wat oso..=) yeah..=)
haiyo..i need to buy that carrot cut jean from forever 21 lah!! darn nice lah..mayb im not use to wearing dat kind but im starting to like dem..he said it will look fugly on me but i dun care im still gonna get da pink colour wan!! im going tmr to buy it!!..=)

im gonan do my slides for my Ob presentation now..nitey!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

girls day out!

hello!!. yesterday was hell of a day lah!!..woke up around 11 den get ready to go for lunch with shawn and dee dee at canai cafe...went to pick shawn at coll...( c i so nice!! some mroe say i always bully u..haha..)

so anyways..had lunch der..the food was good lah tho its expensive ya knoe..i mean its worth eating lah..da environment der oso after makan i send him back to coll cuz he gotta to attend some forum thing lah for the clubs all..den me and dee head to pyramid to look for her crystals at mini toons but couldnt find..she wanted to buy dat to stick dem on her lap i feel like doing dat oso we went walking and of around!haha..i bought one cardigan from top shop and one red shorts from forever 21...darn happy lah..cuz its been a while since i went was raining cats and dogs yesterday we jus walked around till like 5 i think..den we went yum cha at darussalam..till 6..den send dee to ktm to surprise her baby..hehe..came back at 6 plus wei..darn tiring..jus when i was about to close my eyes to take my nap bro woke me up cuz its dinner time lah..hehe..we makan quite early u c..( good for digestion ma..hahah..) yeah..we went to asia cafe to makan der..den bumped into seet and his frens der..after dat we went up to play pool der..dat was around 9..i was craving for tong shui dat time so he came and pick me at ac den we went straight to ss 2 to eat..hehe..=)..wanted to watch dvd with the others but its too late for me cuz i got curfew at 12 ma..hehe..suppose to watch today wan..but he is attending his frens nvm time only watch..anyways..i jus came back from dim sum at ss 21..nice nice..hehe..i damm lazy to type now ler..i shall cont later k..with pics...=)..


Thursday, August 21, 2008

stupid chicken chop!!

adik ku yang tersayang..haha

i went for a late lunch with bro at around 2 plus jus now...end up eating at our club der..the kota permai first i dun plan to eat wan but end up eating cuz bro lah..said dat da chicken chop here very nice i was thinking y not lah since im d he ordered his all time favourite food..bimbabwa i think..haha...i dun really like korean food so dats y im not very familiar with their names..i like italian food anyways..we usually call dat bimbabwa, the dog food ,cuz it really looks like dog food la..mixing everything rice vege eggs while waiting for my food i went to the pool side and make a call to my fren to check on wat is my fren doing der..sound so controling lah...but im not k..hehe..yea so talked to him for a while only cuz my bro lah ..kept calling me at the same time using his phone..annoying kan..he called like 3 times wei..dat means dat i look at the fon to c who is calling for 3 times also wei....ish..annoying pest!!..haha..

so food arrived quite late lah..ish..come late tak sedap langsung wei...da chicken itself taste so horrible..apatah lagi the vege..omg..the only food nice on dat plate is da fries lah!! i gave da rest of the food to my bro..he some more can say sedap some more..of cuz lah he has to say dat!! cuz hes da one who ask

me to order dat..ish!!..

ar...look at that lah..look so yucky u noe..look at the chicken skin..ewww..darn soft wan noe..darn geli wei...waste money only..and its Rm 14 man..cut throat man!even after using the member card oso i still think its not worth the money at all.. gonna sleep soon d..gonna meet up with dee dee!! and shawn tmr for lunch at canai 15 der..hehe..den after dat head to pyramid to help dee dee look for stuff for her 'new baby'..haha..oh suppose to upload the pic of my dads leg rite?will upload dat soon k...toodles..=)


Nelvie, weng hon and andrew tan

haha..look at Nelvie's cute..haha..i couldnt stop laughing ya noe when i saw this pic..haha..

piss sial!

wat u expect me to do when ppl tell me stuff bout u??? scold him or her back???no kan!
all i can do is jus listen rite??im not gonna side u or anyone ok..damm annoying la u noe...both oso my frens u r dragging me into ur problemo ok!..actually ders ntg big bout it also..y wanna make a fuss bout it! if u r not den y u care wat ppl say damm it!!..ppl oso talk bout me ok..till my name smelly but i couldnt b bothered oso..cuz as long as im not den y care so much!!..
i dunno who is in da wrong...and i dun wish to know oso...dun frame me for something dat i did not do ok!!..dam pissing off wan! and da best part is u some more come can tell me dat i talk bad bout u...i was like..'wth man..dun simply say if u never hear me saying it from my own mouth ok!'

dun come and say sorry after all the things dat uve done to me
dun come and say sorry jus bcuz im angry after wat u said to me..

u nut case!!

im off to bed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

( dunno wat to say)..haha

im so sleepy lah now tho i slept in da afternoon with sis from 4 plus till piggy kan..=) woke up early ler to send my parents off to melaka's airport which is located at batu berendam. i some more slept late da day bfor cuz was busy chatting with this cute anyways..i slept during the journey but cant sleep well bro lah! ngi ngo ngi ngo der..annoying lah!!..complaining to my dad over petty stuffs...i hav to wake up like every 5 mins to tell him to stop talking..

ching mei: yang can u please shut ur mouth and drive the car??annoying kan rite??
tze yang: daddy to me first i talk lah..and bla bla bla

can u imagine ar..wake up every 5 mins asking him the same quest and answering da same thing..omg..haahaa..damm funny yeah..we reached at 9 sharp wei..power's flight is at after we check in da bagasi all..den me and bro decided to drop by melaka to makan chicken rice we parked our car near dat famous chicken rice stall but i dunno da name lah..paiseh while ordering my bro asked a lot of quest lah..whether got sell like side dish and even whether can order quarter ( omg so obvious kan! he damm blur la!!) nvm..den when da guy said dat he is only selling steamed chicken, my brothers face changed lah..he told me he doesnt eat steamed one all.he only makan da roasted wan..haiyo..memalukan i thicken my face and said sorry to the uncle la..he darn nice lah u noe.some more can show us where can eat roasted chicken rice ball we went to this restaurant..da corner wan..hiayo i din bring camera again lah!!..=(...always lupa to bring cant show u all..but im sure u guys know which one i meant..da corner wan..da one in red wan..lotsa famous ppl makan der bfor anywayas..after makan my bro some more say wanna satay babi..mad la dat fellow..wannn feed me to death all..den luckly haven open after dat we decided to head straight back to kl cuz i gotta meet my frens for discussion at coll at 12pm..and we reached ngam ngam at 12 u know..power kan..haha..but the best part is my fren totally forgot bout it i waited fo her till 1..sufffering u i hang out with my other frens at the smoking area der..but jus for a while la..cuz gotta go look for info for my next week presentation..
and guess wat my fren send to me la tru da mail..da 2008 bikini pics!!..darn sexy lah..will turn da guys on lah for sure..cuz when i was looking at all the pics..lotsa guys were bhind me looking as well..and im serious lah..haha..

eeeee!! gross kan!!..ahhaa..but sexy sial..haha gonna sleep now lah...sleepy tmr class at 8 lah!!..nite nite!!..toodlessss...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

princess cecilia!!

look at ceci!! cute!!..this was taken like few days ago when i got nothing better else to do..cuz since i look super da duper fantastic when i wear this shades so im sure she will look good also lah..=P.haha..her name is cecilia by the way..but i usually call her baby..cuz she will definitely look..ahah...she has few names lah po..or even carrot..haha

k la..i wanna go play facebook dulu...=)

memalukan wei...haha

OMG!! so memalukan lah today!!..i cant even open my slides to present wei!!!..ending up writting everything on the white borad..memalukan wei..till my arm pit sweat weh...haha...but luckly there is only like 6 people in da class cuz the rest got VL ( visiting lecture) turned out ok i guess...

today only got one class happy...but i only can go back at 3 lah..cuz sis finishes her class at la my life!!..=P..i dunno wat to do now..i think im gonna walk to sjmc la..go meet dad der...he got appointment with da doctor at 10 plus i think...daddy tore his tendon while playing badminton..( act hero some more lah)..hahah..anyways..he went for an operation at SJMC 4 weeks ago...i will upload da pic dat da doctor took while operating later at home k..cuz now im at gonna eat now la...laters..=)

Monday, August 18, 2008

im killing time now..omg!!

it was raining in the morning when i was awaken by my alarm was 9.20 tat time..i decided to go back to sleep since its raining cuz im sure everybody will also b late for their classes..=P..after dat.. da second alarm woke me up again la..this time damm semangat lah..can bangun straight run to da was my mum lah who woke me imagine la..sure can wake up ma..with all da shouting and nagging..haha..den kena kau kau la while driving me to coll..haha..but nvm la..i reached coll at 10.10 i tot y not go to da cafeteria and grab some sweets..mana tau when i reach to the class room..everybodys der pai seh la..but he is not der yet..=) i win...hahha..anyways today is our in class assignments test where case study will b given a week bfor for u to read den come to class today to answer the quest without the case went pretty ok i guess.cuz i read it jus da day bfor.=)

oh my eeeeeee!! im so bored now at coll..he left me some more!!..ish!!..=P now actually sitting in front of the laptop at my coll bored class ended at 11.30 if im not wrong..supposed to end at 12..omg...den nvm..we went to this noodle shop at ss 15 here..same row as burger king..omg..the food got no taste at all lah..i ordered the sarawak noodle..i got no choice but to steal some of his curry lah to give me more taste..haha...eee..i darn dun like my mondays class class today ends at 6 PM wei!!..every silly kan???..some more all lecture wei..die lah!.and da best part family now at pavilion shopping now! =(..

oh and yeah..i haven cont doing my slides yet..and i have to present the slides tmr..haha...cuz i save da slides on my desktop la my life!!..

i think i better stop here lah..cuz i dunno wat to say gonna go facebook-ing now...and play those lifeless games to kill my time while waiting for my next class at 2...toodles..=)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


haha..i was looking tru my pictures under my album..and i found this pic of me and my sis..look at her tongue man..flexi giler...haha...and i think i look nice ok!! dats y i upload this gonna watch badminton now wei..later got the gold medal competition betwen lee choong wei and lin dan...darn excited wei..but my dad lagi excited lah...he actually change channels every 1 min wei....every 1 freaking min wei..haha...

c the way he duduk??darn 'see mun' rite?he is waiting 'patiently' for that game man..ahahaahaha

i miss him lah!!

excited giler babi!! back so excited now la bout all this blogging stuff .i hope i dun get hooked to it man..haha..

so anyways..i went to watch mirrors yesterday..darn nice wei..and scary la of least this show has an ending..unlike those other ghost movies like long khong or even ju on..all also got no ending.. we went to catch the 7 oclock show cuz bfr this we d planned to go putra jaya to watch da fire works..i prayed darn hard la ya noe..hoping dat ders no jam on our way d...god read my prayers la bro la..told me dat i need 2 freaking hours to get der all..cuz many ppl will b watching all..actually true also ler..many ppl went..jus dat dunno y no jam anyways..we were der for 20 mins was very nice..sadly i did not bring my camera so got no pics to show..ish..haha..after that we head straight to old kopitiam at taipan der at around i jus chill with his frens..darn funny la they all..their conversations keeps me alive like i dun mind hangin out with dem all they long cuz they for sure has someting interesting to talk about...=)..i left koptiam at around 11.50 cuz i got curfew at 12..)=..i know la its for my own good he sent me home la..and reached ngam ngam at 12 wei...imagine wei..10 mins drive to kota kemuning??haha..he said he wants to show good impression to my next time can go out with me more often..haha..cute la after sending me home he went back to meet his frens back..=)it takes me 2 hours to sleep yesterday wei..i think cuz of that mirrors show la...haiyo..i even dare not to go to the loo to pee pee melodramatic la me..but dats true la..darn scary i called him back to c wat is he doing der...i told him i cant sleep and he somemore can ask me to go eat so dat i can go sleep..crazy wei..i sudahlah gained 2 kg..and u still wan me to take supper some more..haha..funny wei ..after talking to him for only 5 mins..i started to feel sleepy...haha..i dunno y wei..i think i jus need to hear his voice to make me sleep..haha..

p/s:sorry people..i go no pics to upload la..cuz i dun really like taking pics..cuz i know dat ppl love reading blogs which has pics in it..ill try la k..=)