Saturday, August 30, 2008


im speechless...cuz im too happy...=)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


wat we had bfor this was awesome..
but some how we just lost it..
pointing fingers is not wat i do best
saying sorry doesnt mean dat everything will b settled..
da scar will stay der forever..
im not being over dramatic..
u said things dat hurt me..
i said things dat hurt u..
this all started cuz wat u hear is not wat u get at the end..
do not start it if u r still unsure..
do not say it if u do not meant it..
am i being over dramatic??no kan..
i hav deep feellings towards u but things jus cant go da way we want dem to b..
feelings do not go over nite..
can forgive and forget happens at da same time??

can we go back to da past and start all over again??

Monday, August 25, 2008


damm i lost my pen happened like one hour ago....i forgot to take it at the da lab..wth...this is da second time losing it some more...arggghh!


SHIT happens to good people kan??

Sunday, August 24, 2008

sisters day out!! woke up at around 7 to send my bro off to LCCT der..he is going to Indonesia to meet mum and dad der..he is now on holidays for 3 weeks i think..better oso lah he go..den da house wun b polluted with his annoying anyways..reached der at 9 plus..checked in his bagasi..den we went makan at Mcd..den chit chat a bit der lah..telling him not to pick fights with people on da plain..cuz he got no way to run if he does dat..haha..

so me and sis left da airport after he masuk to the "tempat menunggu" at around 10..=) i drove straight to pyramid from der..which takes bout 45 mins..mantap ler..haha..i forgot lah dat today is sun wei..reach der at 11 and we gotta go to da toppest floor to anyways..da first thing i bought when i reach der was PERFUME!!..ahha..actually ive always wanted to buy this particular perfume since 2 months ago d but jus dat do not hav the time to buy . actually jus now bfor i left the airport i went to the perfume shop..they do sell jus dat its very very dats y decided to buy it today at pyramid..cannot tahan d...must buy..hehee..and got 10 percent discount some more lah..=)

i like da packaging...and its purple some more!!..hehe..happy!=)

smells damm good lah!! anyways..after dat we went to forever 21.. cuz i told sis dat they do sell nice shorts der...but sadly no size lah!!..i was looking for that pink carrot cut jean but couldnt find lah!! size!! all also size 26..too small..!!sold d i guess..=(...we went to nichi after dat..sis likes to go der cuz she likes da design and bsides ,it is affordable of cuz!! she bought this pink shorts fom der..ehhe..nice and its striking!! i like it but jus dat its is toooo long for me lah...=P..hehe

pink shorts and red shorts( da one i bought at forever 21 two days ago )=)

ohw i bought a ring for dee from GUESS also...she was suppose to buy dat day wan..but hshe couldnt make up her today while passing by GUESS i called her up la c whether she wants or not..but she said dowan all..hehe..den after while she msged me back asking em to help her buy so i buy for her 60 percent discount so its worth buying dat..=)

tada!!.hehe..i forgot to take da pic bfor passing it to her jus now so i asked her to send to me..i ask her to send da pic of the ring only but she damm semangat lah..pakai and take together..haha...=)

anyways..after dat we went for lunch at Kim gary..couldnt think of any other places to eat lah..hehe.

while waiting for da food to come...candid by sis..( eee so many pimples lah my face!! stupid weather..hahah..)

my pathetic face..haha

this came like after dunno how long...damm alot people dat time so cant blame dem oso...=P

i thicken my skin u know while taking this pic..cuz one uncle was looking here..not looking..more to staring wei...haha..

this is wat i ordered jus now..nice lah!! i think its called da 'hongkong pork chop with tomato sauce'

and this is my sis's food..look so dull kan??and it doesnt taste good lah da cream .it was tasteless wei..but sis she neutral wan..she is not as fussy as me when it comes to food wan..hehe..

ok lah im gonna do my slides now..belum habis doing yet..suppose to do yesterday wan..ahha..but too lazy..toodless...=)



this is da pic ( as pomised) of my dads legs condition while in da operation room...sedap...hahaha

mantap!!..hehe..dat is his tendon..koyak must stitch it back and put button inside..not sure for wat oso..=) yeah..=)
haiyo..i need to buy that carrot cut jean from forever 21 lah!! darn nice lah..mayb im not use to wearing dat kind but im starting to like dem..he said it will look fugly on me but i dun care im still gonna get da pink colour wan!! im going tmr to buy it!!..=)

im gonan do my slides for my Ob presentation now..nitey!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

girls day out!

hello!!. yesterday was hell of a day lah!!..woke up around 11 den get ready to go for lunch with shawn and dee dee at canai cafe...went to pick shawn at coll...( c i so nice!! some mroe say i always bully u..haha..)

so anyways..had lunch der..the food was good lah tho its expensive ya knoe..i mean its worth eating lah..da environment der oso after makan i send him back to coll cuz he gotta to attend some forum thing lah for the clubs all..den me and dee head to pyramid to look for her crystals at mini toons but couldnt find..she wanted to buy dat to stick dem on her lap i feel like doing dat oso we went walking and of around!haha..i bought one cardigan from top shop and one red shorts from forever 21...darn happy lah..cuz its been a while since i went was raining cats and dogs yesterday we jus walked around till like 5 i think..den we went yum cha at darussalam..till 6..den send dee to ktm to surprise her baby..hehe..came back at 6 plus wei..darn tiring..jus when i was about to close my eyes to take my nap bro woke me up cuz its dinner time lah..hehe..we makan quite early u c..( good for digestion ma..hahah..) yeah..we went to asia cafe to makan der..den bumped into seet and his frens der..after dat we went up to play pool der..dat was around 9..i was craving for tong shui dat time so he came and pick me at ac den we went straight to ss 2 to eat..hehe..=)..wanted to watch dvd with the others but its too late for me cuz i got curfew at 12 ma..hehe..suppose to watch today wan..but he is attending his frens nvm time only watch..anyways..i jus came back from dim sum at ss 21..nice nice..hehe..i damm lazy to type now ler..i shall cont later k..with pics...=)..


Thursday, August 21, 2008

stupid chicken chop!!

adik ku yang tersayang..haha

i went for a late lunch with bro at around 2 plus jus now...end up eating at our club der..the kota permai first i dun plan to eat wan but end up eating cuz bro lah..said dat da chicken chop here very nice i was thinking y not lah since im d he ordered his all time favourite food..bimbabwa i think..haha...i dun really like korean food so dats y im not very familiar with their names..i like italian food anyways..we usually call dat bimbabwa, the dog food ,cuz it really looks like dog food la..mixing everything rice vege eggs while waiting for my food i went to the pool side and make a call to my fren to check on wat is my fren doing der..sound so controling lah...but im not k..hehe..yea so talked to him for a while only cuz my bro lah ..kept calling me at the same time using his phone..annoying kan..he called like 3 times wei..dat means dat i look at the fon to c who is calling for 3 times also wei....ish..annoying pest!!..haha..

so food arrived quite late lah..ish..come late tak sedap langsung wei...da chicken itself taste so horrible..apatah lagi the vege..omg..the only food nice on dat plate is da fries lah!! i gave da rest of the food to my bro..he some more can say sedap some more..of cuz lah he has to say dat!! cuz hes da one who ask

me to order dat..ish!!..

ar...look at that lah..look so yucky u noe..look at the chicken skin..ewww..darn soft wan noe..darn geli wei...waste money only..and its Rm 14 man..cut throat man!even after using the member card oso i still think its not worth the money at all.. gonna sleep soon d..gonna meet up with dee dee!! and shawn tmr for lunch at canai 15 der..hehe..den after dat head to pyramid to help dee dee look for stuff for her 'new baby'..haha..oh suppose to upload the pic of my dads leg rite?will upload dat soon k...toodles..=)


Nelvie, weng hon and andrew tan

haha..look at Nelvie's cute..haha..i couldnt stop laughing ya noe when i saw this pic..haha..

piss sial!

wat u expect me to do when ppl tell me stuff bout u??? scold him or her back???no kan!
all i can do is jus listen rite??im not gonna side u or anyone ok..damm annoying la u noe...both oso my frens u r dragging me into ur problemo ok!..actually ders ntg big bout it also..y wanna make a fuss bout it! if u r not den y u care wat ppl say damm it!!..ppl oso talk bout me ok..till my name smelly but i couldnt b bothered oso..cuz as long as im not den y care so much!!..
i dunno who is in da wrong...and i dun wish to know oso...dun frame me for something dat i did not do ok!!..dam pissing off wan! and da best part is u some more come can tell me dat i talk bad bout u...i was like..'wth man..dun simply say if u never hear me saying it from my own mouth ok!'

dun come and say sorry after all the things dat uve done to me
dun come and say sorry jus bcuz im angry after wat u said to me..

u nut case!!

im off to bed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

( dunno wat to say)..haha

im so sleepy lah now tho i slept in da afternoon with sis from 4 plus till piggy kan..=) woke up early ler to send my parents off to melaka's airport which is located at batu berendam. i some more slept late da day bfor cuz was busy chatting with this cute anyways..i slept during the journey but cant sleep well bro lah! ngi ngo ngi ngo der..annoying lah!!..complaining to my dad over petty stuffs...i hav to wake up like every 5 mins to tell him to stop talking..

ching mei: yang can u please shut ur mouth and drive the car??annoying kan rite??
tze yang: daddy to me first i talk lah..and bla bla bla

can u imagine ar..wake up every 5 mins asking him the same quest and answering da same thing..omg..haahaa..damm funny yeah..we reached at 9 sharp wei..power's flight is at after we check in da bagasi all..den me and bro decided to drop by melaka to makan chicken rice we parked our car near dat famous chicken rice stall but i dunno da name lah..paiseh while ordering my bro asked a lot of quest lah..whether got sell like side dish and even whether can order quarter ( omg so obvious kan! he damm blur la!!) nvm..den when da guy said dat he is only selling steamed chicken, my brothers face changed lah..he told me he doesnt eat steamed one all.he only makan da roasted wan..haiyo..memalukan i thicken my face and said sorry to the uncle la..he darn nice lah u noe.some more can show us where can eat roasted chicken rice ball we went to this restaurant..da corner wan..hiayo i din bring camera again lah!!..=(...always lupa to bring cant show u all..but im sure u guys know which one i meant..da corner wan..da one in red wan..lotsa famous ppl makan der bfor anywayas..after makan my bro some more say wanna satay babi..mad la dat fellow..wannn feed me to death all..den luckly haven open after dat we decided to head straight back to kl cuz i gotta meet my frens for discussion at coll at 12pm..and we reached ngam ngam at 12 u know..power kan..haha..but the best part is my fren totally forgot bout it i waited fo her till 1..sufffering u i hang out with my other frens at the smoking area der..but jus for a while la..cuz gotta go look for info for my next week presentation..
and guess wat my fren send to me la tru da mail..da 2008 bikini pics!!..darn sexy lah..will turn da guys on lah for sure..cuz when i was looking at all the pics..lotsa guys were bhind me looking as well..and im serious lah..haha..

eeeee!! gross kan!!..ahhaa..but sexy sial..haha gonna sleep now lah...sleepy tmr class at 8 lah!!..nite nite!!..toodlessss...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

princess cecilia!!

look at ceci!! cute!!..this was taken like few days ago when i got nothing better else to do..cuz since i look super da duper fantastic when i wear this shades so im sure she will look good also lah..=P.haha..her name is cecilia by the way..but i usually call her baby..cuz she will definitely look..ahah...she has few names lah po..or even carrot..haha

k la..i wanna go play facebook dulu...=)

memalukan wei...haha

OMG!! so memalukan lah today!!..i cant even open my slides to present wei!!!..ending up writting everything on the white borad..memalukan wei..till my arm pit sweat weh...haha...but luckly there is only like 6 people in da class cuz the rest got VL ( visiting lecture) turned out ok i guess...

today only got one class happy...but i only can go back at 3 lah..cuz sis finishes her class at la my life!!..=P..i dunno wat to do now..i think im gonna walk to sjmc la..go meet dad der...he got appointment with da doctor at 10 plus i think...daddy tore his tendon while playing badminton..( act hero some more lah)..hahah..anyways..he went for an operation at SJMC 4 weeks ago...i will upload da pic dat da doctor took while operating later at home k..cuz now im at gonna eat now la...laters..=)

Monday, August 18, 2008

im killing time now..omg!!

it was raining in the morning when i was awaken by my alarm was 9.20 tat time..i decided to go back to sleep since its raining cuz im sure everybody will also b late for their classes..=P..after dat.. da second alarm woke me up again la..this time damm semangat lah..can bangun straight run to da was my mum lah who woke me imagine la..sure can wake up ma..with all da shouting and nagging..haha..den kena kau kau la while driving me to coll..haha..but nvm la..i reached coll at 10.10 i tot y not go to da cafeteria and grab some sweets..mana tau when i reach to the class room..everybodys der pai seh la..but he is not der yet..=) i win...hahha..anyways today is our in class assignments test where case study will b given a week bfor for u to read den come to class today to answer the quest without the case went pretty ok i guess.cuz i read it jus da day bfor.=)

oh my eeeeeee!! im so bored now at coll..he left me some more!!..ish!!..=P now actually sitting in front of the laptop at my coll bored class ended at 11.30 if im not wrong..supposed to end at 12..omg...den nvm..we went to this noodle shop at ss 15 here..same row as burger king..omg..the food got no taste at all lah..i ordered the sarawak noodle..i got no choice but to steal some of his curry lah to give me more taste..haha...eee..i darn dun like my mondays class class today ends at 6 PM wei!!..every silly kan???..some more all lecture wei..die lah!.and da best part family now at pavilion shopping now! =(..

oh and yeah..i haven cont doing my slides yet..and i have to present the slides tmr..haha...cuz i save da slides on my desktop la my life!!..

i think i better stop here lah..cuz i dunno wat to say gonna go facebook-ing now...and play those lifeless games to kill my time while waiting for my next class at 2...toodles..=)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


haha..i was looking tru my pictures under my album..and i found this pic of me and my sis..look at her tongue man..flexi giler...haha...and i think i look nice ok!! dats y i upload this gonna watch badminton now wei..later got the gold medal competition betwen lee choong wei and lin dan...darn excited wei..but my dad lagi excited lah...he actually change channels every 1 min wei....every 1 freaking min wei..haha...

c the way he duduk??darn 'see mun' rite?he is waiting 'patiently' for that game man..ahahaahaha

i miss him lah!!

excited giler babi!! back so excited now la bout all this blogging stuff .i hope i dun get hooked to it man..haha..

so anyways..i went to watch mirrors yesterday..darn nice wei..and scary la of least this show has an ending..unlike those other ghost movies like long khong or even ju on..all also got no ending.. we went to catch the 7 oclock show cuz bfr this we d planned to go putra jaya to watch da fire works..i prayed darn hard la ya noe..hoping dat ders no jam on our way d...god read my prayers la bro la..told me dat i need 2 freaking hours to get der all..cuz many ppl will b watching all..actually true also ler..many ppl went..jus dat dunno y no jam anyways..we were der for 20 mins was very nice..sadly i did not bring my camera so got no pics to show..ish..haha..after that we head straight to old kopitiam at taipan der at around i jus chill with his frens..darn funny la they all..their conversations keeps me alive like i dun mind hangin out with dem all they long cuz they for sure has someting interesting to talk about...=)..i left koptiam at around 11.50 cuz i got curfew at 12..)=..i know la its for my own good he sent me home la..and reached ngam ngam at 12 wei...imagine wei..10 mins drive to kota kemuning??haha..he said he wants to show good impression to my next time can go out with me more often..haha..cute la after sending me home he went back to meet his frens back..=)it takes me 2 hours to sleep yesterday wei..i think cuz of that mirrors show la...haiyo..i even dare not to go to the loo to pee pee melodramatic la me..but dats true la..darn scary i called him back to c wat is he doing der...i told him i cant sleep and he somemore can ask me to go eat so dat i can go sleep..crazy wei..i sudahlah gained 2 kg..and u still wan me to take supper some more..haha..funny wei ..after talking to him for only 5 mins..i started to feel sleepy...haha..i dunno y wei..i think i jus need to hear his voice to make me sleep..haha..

p/s:sorry people..i go no pics to upload la..cuz i dun really like taking pics..cuz i know dat ppl love reading blogs which has pics in it..ill try la k..=)

hola hola

hola so excited cuz after dunno how long only i decided to blog..haha..i so jealous la seeing all my kakis blogging der..i used to tell them dat it is a waste of time..haha..anyways..i blog cuz i got nothing to do lah...haha..

im now suppose to b doing my slides fr my presentation but too lazy lah...i neeeeeed a break..afte doing only...2 slides??haha..

and bsides i jus cant cont doing cuz i got someting going on in my so disapointed with dat person..i mean..after all the one year plus being together..u actually went and tel ppl dat im a beyatch..materialistic ...always expect much from u..and so on...seriously...i jus dunno wat to say when ppl come telling me so piss ya noe..let me put it this way..if im materialistic..i wun b with u at the first place..and bsides my mum wun even get u a hand phone bad of u to talk bad bout me...i took care of u when ur back sakit and let u saty at my house till i even get all da smelly rumours and still i dun far more u wanna go??who else some more u wann tell??dont jus bcuz u cant get wat u wan den u do all u wan me to list down all da stuff u did to me last time??i dun think i need to list dat down cuz i think ur frens themselves know bout u..only innocent ppl dunno the real who else u wann tell??y not u post blog bout me instead of telling all my kawans da wonderful stories bout me??den u dun hav to waste ur breathe rite??u damm funny eh..everyday saying i miss u all but at the same time talk back bhind my back..sayaing ull love me forever all..all nonsense..end up calling paria..saying i cheat u all..oh my not like u..i wun list down wat u did to me.. but one day if shit happens to u..den dats ur problemo..i know u wun admit wat u did but u noe happy dat at least u still think bout me by talking bad bout me..da funniest part is..when i call u and talk to u like frens u do not even felt anything at all..u still can ask me how am i all..and all...darn hypocrite lah u..if u think by doing all this can make u feel happier or LESS bad..go so disappointed with u..deap down der..i still care for u and love u...thanks again for all this..

honestly only we both know wat happened during that period..rite???must u lie to ppl and talk bhind my back??..