Sunday, June 28, 2009


so sorry for not been updating my blog!! been bz lah!!..i took lotsa picures these few days!! but im not gonna upload all of them here ler..i uploaded them on Facebook d! gonna be bz this few days oso...gonna b busy packing to go back malaysia for the holidays..yay!!
so yeah...

ill definately gonna blog everyday when i reach malaysia cuz i need to self quarantine myself at home for 7 days! yeah..gonna update wat i do from day to night..haha..
k la..gonna sleep now..omg!! its 3 in d morning..good night!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009


i have come to a point where i cuden stand being sad so tired u know..i really wanna rest..exam went ok..thank god for dat..what worries me most now is my bro..tho he is a very noti boi but still he is my bro..he was admitted to the hospital and till now doc is still not sure what is wrong with him..

i do not want to keep feeling sad or down for losing one of the most important person in my life as it is affecting me real bad...i promise him that i will study my arse off to come back with that cert and show it to him..i may look ok from the outside but the inside of me really hits me so hard that it takes me so long for me to stand back on the ground..y sad things must happen to it because ive done something bad bfor and since god still has mercy for me so he hits it on someone dat i love n care so much???..i tried so hard to keep myself busy like watching some movies on foxtel.i jus watched alvin and the chipmonk and mama mia btw..=).. but the thing jus keep coming to sacrifices so much for us..he rather stay in indonesia and work hard jus to see a smile on each of our faces;dat cute lil smile dat he alwyas gets after he gets back from work when we were still a lil gal..i miss his smile so much. i wan him so badly..i know its imposibble to see him again..but his memories with all of us willl b kept in my heart; the way he smiles, the way he walks, wat he usualy brings when we go for outing; a packet of tissues, his ipod and a bottle of water..i jus hate da feeling now..i guess things r diff now.. n it wun b perfect anymore..cuz it seems dat everything that we r about to do in da mere future will b diff..we will smile when we r happy but sad at da same time as he cant experience doing it with us.. having to live the way things r now is gonna b tough..real tough.. head is spinning..i cant type gonna rest now..

once again..happy fathers day..=)


happy father's day.. so sorry for the super late updates...been bz with exams and!!..hahaa here jus to wish all fathers out there a very happy father's day..i know its a lil too late for me to wish but its not 12 yet!..=)..

dad, happy father's day...i know u heard what i said yesterday..i hope u r happy up sad dat i cant send u cards to wish u or even call u straight now..jus want u to know that u r the best dad ever and no one can ever replace u in my u di...='(

much love...

i will update tmr or something so tired la these few days..lotsa things on my mind..=)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


so many things to do but so lil time i have!!

argh!!! finals is jus around d corner but im so so lazy to start studying..!! sorry for abandoning my blog for some not hav the time to blog at this period of time..arghhh..stress giler babi!!..
will upload denise's bday party pics sooon k!!