Friday, September 26, 2008


bii!! missing u know..and of cuz i sayang u!.more more more..=)..
weeee!!! my holidays officially starts today!!,...yay!! and im going to Melaca on saturday with bii and frens!!..yay..!! cant wait for dat!!..hehe..we will be staying der for a night at equtorial hotel..i think so..not very sure tho..haha...thank god we will b going der in the afternoon cuz i gotta head to melaca in da morning to pick dad and mum at melaca airport...their flight is at 10.30 am if im not wrong..and bsides i wann travel with bii..i dowan to meet him der..i wanna b der with bi!!..=)..funny rite..go in da morning den after dat go again in da afternoon..but i dun long as im travelling with bii and dats good enuf d..=) hungry waiting for sis to pick me up from coll now...her class finishes at 10 am..its almost ten so yay!! not da type who likes to wait fr ppl u c..except for bi! i dun mind waiting for him..even if it takes years to wait..haha..melodramatic me..hahaah..but i mean it k biiii..=)..

k la..i wanna go wait for sis at concourse area...hehe..i shall update after da trip k..=)..ohw..

by the way! happy birthday EDDIE!!..we all love u!! big boi d lor..'sengmuk' a bit..hahah..u owe us dinner!!..=)..

once again happy 24th bday my fren!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


omg..ive never been this hardworking bfor wei in my whole life...
im now doing my Ob assignment in da library at coll..ahaha..this is actually my first time staying till 6 jus to finish my assig..omg..wat is wrong with me??haha..and im stuck now..hahahh

to be cont...

Monday, September 22, 2008


bi ..i no face lah jus now laughing in front of everyone during the interview session..u cute la da way u smile..u smile at me i laugh at u..actually kan i laugh cuz u look so cute u know when u smiled at me jus now..hehe.. very funny wei jus u bi..haha..

i mish mish u bi..

i like da way u put a smile on my face...
i like da way u smile at me...=)

oh and yeah..jus now u asked me rite how much i love u..when the interview starts.. higher then the mountains and deeper den the sea..haha..good enuf not..hehe..

farni ..

some ppl ar....know how to talk talk talk but den ar..DARE not to put their real names der..damm annoying rite??like super loser wei..actually i dun wish to entertain this ppl..but den sometimes when i think about it , it really makes me feel like laughing wei..damm loser so much but ask dem to put their names they willl give all kinds of excuses so much but when ask u put ur name u chicken out..haah..i feel sad and pity for u wei..darn pathetic..=P..if u dun believe rite u go to my chat box and c..a lot of 'interesting' ppl der..these r da ppl lah who has nothing better else to do..ppl with no life wan..they dont need to study or even work cuz all they do is on da computer and type in''.. and start talking rubbish...haha..actually rite i dun mind if u come to my chat box and talk nonsense but put la ur real name pak cik..not very hard rite??wanna play war also play fair a bit lah..puting ur nick name doesnt mean dat u will win oso...or doesnt mean dat u can make me angry also..ur saying in my chat box wun affect me but i jus feel sad for u lah,...cuz u all got nothing better else to lets put it this way..if u all talk bad bout me means u all dun like me..and if u all dun like me means dat bcuz u guys r jus jealous of silly wei...and im laughing now wei..cuz its really very pathetic so much but put nick names..fight fairly la mak cik..actually i feel happy u least 'these' ppl kan...they not only talk nonsense in my chat box u know..they also read my i got some loyal visitors lah..isnt dat good??thanks ar..for reading my blog..

once again...terime kasih eh..yea i know i sound bitchy but u r bitchier talk talk more nonsense den me..haha..


Friday, September 19, 2008



my fren jus informed me dat da Vl has changed da time for da wonder la!!..omg!!! suppose to b from 8 to 1..and he changed it to 10 to 12..wth!!..

how come i dunno wan???hahhaa


Omg!!.im suppose to be in class now for my VL but only 4 of us der including me...eee. my frens la..they din inform me!! haiyo!!! i decided to skip class and head straight to da resource centre to serach for journals for my OB assignment which is dueing this coming wed...haha..and da best part is i haven even started doing dat yet..ahahaa..i usually will only start doing 3 days bfor..darn professional i produced good results k...haha...

kk i go do my reserach first..toodles...=)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lalalala lazy to blog wei these few days...dunno y..i think its bcuz of the weather lah..haha..makes me feel so sick!!..migrane is killing me wei! almost everynite having this problem!!..

letsc...wat i did today.. so stupid i only got one class from 10 to 12 ..which is my finance international class..i forgot dat this week i got VL for that particular sub on this thurs and fri so therefore there wouldnt b any tut or lec if it falls on this week..darn pai seh weh..went to class..nobody was i called up my fren to confirm la..haiyo..end up having lunch with her till 10.30 den went to resource to play games and check mail and surf surf surf while waiting for mummy to pick me up cuz after dat im gonna renew my passport tho da expire date is on 2010..haha..mum asked me to renew it jus i case if da kastam ppl dun let me go Aus next year..u know la..this kind of thing very hard to say wan..=) anyways..went to terminal 2 and reached der at aournd 12.30..went to da counter to take number but the pegawai said dat

'nombor dah habis so u kena tunggu sampai pukul 2 and since u dah lebih dari 18thn u tak yah ambil nombor..boleh buat sendiri gune machine di luar'.

so ok lah..i went to wait ouside..da machine is inside a room so i qued der for almost one hour ok!!..kaki sakit la i was waiting for dem to open da door i saw this notice board written der' tutup pukul 12.30-1.30pm' so i went and check la wats da time..and stupid...its d 2.30 and the pegawai still not der yet..wth nvm..sudd this indian guy came out of no where..came and chat with me..he said dat he was der at 12 to do it but those pegawai said tutup d..terrible rite!! written der tutup at 12.30 but they themselves went and set their own rules..ish..all dat indian uncle said was' we JUS hav to follow lah da rules dat was given by dem' true man...

waited der like a donkey wei!! the pegawai all some more can take their sweet time to walk.. omg..da room is so small and u need 6 pegawai to b der??all i can is only 2 person working and da rest chit chatting nvm...wat pisses me off the most is when da so call ' boss' der cakap' u all kena ambil nombor kat dalam'..i was like wth den i say la' orang kat dalam kate kite tak payang ambil nombor boleh terus buat kat sini' den everybody who was queing bhind also said da same thing but that fellow great la..say no matter wat we NEED to get the everybody ran la inside..but i walk only lah..cuz my mum d der taking da number for went to da counter inside anther pegawai said no need to take number..wth wei!!..damm pissing off so i walked back to da machine der..aso i told dem la.den da 'boss' der was quite mad lah..den he went and pok pek pok pek with da fellow inside..he din say sorry at all wei..stupid miss communication!! after dat when it comes to my turn to do da thing..this fellow go and play around with my name...wth wei...he pronounced my name as 'ching mai'.. wth..i wanted to say 'nono..pronouced as babi pliz'..but i did not la..ahah..den after dat i look at him la..den i said' its ching mei'..den dat fellow instead of saying sorry he try to joke around with me lah..saying dat my name sounds like chiang mai all..wth...annoying...but i dun care much la..afte dat i jus walked off from der with dad and terrible wth ppls name..if i play with ur name u suke not??no rite??terrrible..

so after dat went to 15 to eat lunch at kopitiam at around 4 plus..with sis and wen to do pysio at ss while waiting for him we go makan lor..waited for dad till almost 5..den went home terus tidur..woke up at 6 plus den bring da doggies for walk walk cuz its been a while since i brought dem out..aha..suppose to go to da gym but too lazy silly la today..i went coll for nothing..but leats can c bi and pass to him da keychain for his car key..he looks so cute today..=) cute and blur..every he needs to smoke every morning so dat he will look fresh and PLiz go look for ur passport..dun play utopia pliz...hahaa..last nite i cuden sleep cuz bi said someting sweet to me...

ching mei:bi u know when im with u..its like as if ive known u for so long d u know..dats wat i feel... yea im crazy
andrew:hahaha..actually quite long lo..since april this year( haha..funny la this part ..lame k bi..=))
ching mei:haha..wa u know oso april..haha..ehehe
andrew:heheh..of coz feelings for u dem deep since last sem u know
ching mei:den now ler bi??same right?=)
andrew:same same..=P
ching mei: bi i love u
andrew:i love u too..hahaha
ching mei: no hahaha..ppl serious
andrew: comel la u bi..manja
ching mei: ppl serious ma..hehe..=))))

bi i sayang u k...ill show u how much i love u when i c u..forgot to to show u today...hehhe.. sleepy d..tmr gonna meet up with my frens to discuss bout the upcoming monday am gonan sleep now..good nite ppl..good nite bi..=)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


yay!! im done with my mid sem exams d!! cho happy!! waiting for holidays to come!!..waiting for baby's exam to b over den we go watch wall-e cuz i haven watch yet..yay...hahah...

im gonan makan lunch now with ar to the thur..=)


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


u know da feeling of falling in love and being loved is so wonderful..its not dat ive never had this feelings bfor..but it jus feels so nice u know after so long..da feeling came at the right time..i do not wan this feelings to go away and come back again da next time..if can let it last forever..omg im being over dramatic..but i dun care..ini blog aku.aku tulis ape yang aku feel like has been a while since i had this nice feelings..ive never felt safe bfor being with someone...somehow i jus feel save when im with u..i do not hav to talk to u or even look at u..since u r so quiet but nvm i suke!! anyways.. jus by sitting next to u and hold ur hands, i already feel dat im safe when im with u..i jus feel happppy jus by sitting next to u..i will never get bored of talking to u cuz u listen to watever crap i talk..and da best part is..u will jus smile at me after cute rite..ahha..and watever silly act i do..or words im not familiar with..u wil still think dat im clever..haha..even when i do not know wat is B.O u still think dat im clever rite bi??tho u said dat's general knowledge all...haha..B.O is body ordour btw..=)..i like it when u disturb me by keep on touching my stomach tho i dislike it so much..but for u its exceptional k...=D..every single thing dat u do is so cute..i jus do not know how to describe dat but of cuz im still da cutest and da smartest..kan bi?? =)..hehe..i dunno wat else to say ler .. if i were to describe u in one word..da word would b ' perfect '..=)

p/s: wanted to use purple colour as da font colour but i decided to use this colour for a reason..sebab u suke warna ni..hahha.u a very understanding gf k ..haha

love u silly..=)

?? so bored now...yea i clever man!! haha..( according to baby..=D) cuz i finish doing my mind map for my OB d..hahaa..cho cute la u..hehe...

i mish mish u bi...=)

Monday, September 8, 2008


hey i came across this mail dat was sent by my mum's fren..its important u read...

Women's Rights
-I was talking with a lawyer friend of mine. We were discussing the lawand women`s rights. She told me about this incident...........A young girl was raped by a man posing as a plain clothes officer..... heasked her to come to the police station when she and her male friend didn't have a driver`s license to show. He sent the boy off to get his license and asked the girl to accompany him to the police station. Took her instead to an isolatedarea where the horrendous crime was committed-.

Infact, the law clearly states that between 6.00 pm and 6.00 am, a woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her .

It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between6.00 pm and 6.00 am ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officerand taken to an ALL WOMEN police station. And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.It is good for us to know our rights. To what extent it comes of use remains to be seen in any situation. But as they say, knowledge is power. Just thought I`d share this with you. I did not know this and am sure lot of us will not know this. ( credit to elijah yen..=)..)

jus another ordinary day but special sikit..haha had our first VL for International management went pretty ok..was from 10 to 2..crassyyyy..!! i tot its gonna b boring u know..but it turned out ok..da lecturer very macho wan ler..good looking some more..butof cuz la not as good looking as bi..haha..=D..after dat i went for my briefing regarding students transfering to i gotta skip for my finance tut which starts at 2..but good also la..i go to class end up talking to dee wan..haha..da briefing lasted for only half hour wei..suppose to go back to class but too lazie lah...haha..dee oso ikut me..kesian her wei..she came coll for ntg..haha..i think she was der for one hour after dat i followed her to da post office lah..cuz her license expired d..mana tau she lupa bawa her purse...great lah we went back to coll to wait for jin li..cuz they suppose to meet up for some photo session for her online boutique stuff...oh and its do check it out..=) suppose to pick me up at 4 but end up waited der till almost went to da resource center to play online games der and chatted with bi for a while..haha..and i cuden stop laughing jus now cuz something funny happened jus now while chatting with u so comel..aku suke at around 6 i gotta walk all da way to TBS cuz if mummy comes to my coll and pick me, it will take another half hour..cuz da jam der was horrible jus i walk walk walk..saw so many familiar faces around but do not hav da guts to say hi cuz they might think im some crazy fellow came out of no where and start saying hi to ppl..but i think dats frenly anywyas..i walk walk i tot after dat can straight away balik..mana tau goat go to 14 der to look for dad..he was doing his physiotherapy was der till 6 plus..den i started to miss him d..ahha..drama la after dat we went makan for dinner outside near my place der...kite not in da mood to blog la..tak tau kenape..i think sebab i rindu die..ish..haha..i kena dengar suare die baru boleh jadi so sleep now.i did not take nap in da afternoon..not use to not sleeping in da afternoon ler..k wanna go call bi now..hehe..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

lalalala feeling hung over now..lalala..
i will update gonna sleep head is spinnig..and my heart sakit sial...
good nite..=)..lalalalalala...

p/s: ....sowie..=(

Saturday, September 6, 2008


a strangled smile fell from ur face.
wat kills me dat i hurt u this way..
the worst part is i didnt even know.
now there is a million reasons for u to go.
but if u can find a reason to stay.
ill do watever it takes to turn this around.
i know wat's at stake.
i know dat i have let u down.
and if u give me a chance.
believe it i can change.
ill keep us together watever it takes.
he said if we r gonna make this work.
u gotta let me inside eventhough it hurts.
dont hide da broken part dat i need to c.
u have gotta love urself if u can ever love me...
i know u deserve much beter
remember da time i told u how i felt
and dat i would b lost without u and never find myself
lets hold onto each other above everything else..

im sorry..=(

Friday, September 5, 2008


i could walk to the end of the world jus to make u trust me back
i could climb on mountains if i can regain that trust from u again..

im sorry..



Thursday, September 4, 2008

heylo!! sorry for not been bloggin for quite some time cuz been very bz with studies and all but i will blog real soon...this weekend hopefully..=)

p/s: i miss u bi...=)