Wednesday, September 30, 2009

yay! happy!

yay!! done with the hot stamping!!..=D


and im very proud of it!!..=D

if u r about to think dat im showing off den get lost...muahaha.. happy..

has been missing my baby princess for a week!!


anyways.. i jus got back from Royal perth show and my feet is so pain!!..

im gonna upload d pic tmr or something k...haha

good night..=)


Perth Royal Show here i come!


so sorry for not been updating my blog for quite sometime.. was busy with holidays boy fren and his fam..=)

so many things to talk but i dunno where to start..hmmm..

haha..anyways.. i jus finish frying rice!!..=) yum yum!! gonna bring it to the carnival cuz apparently the place der doesnt come with food.. the ticket cost like 22AUD wei!! and that is only for the entrance yeah...will take lotsa pics and upload here soon going out soon d...



Sunday, September 6, 2009

happy father's day( Australia)


i love u and missed u very very much

im sorry if i hav ever let u down in any ways

i missed u so much

sorry for not spending time wit u when u were still alive..=(

sorry if anyne of us take u for granted

and daddy, thank u for giving all of us such a good life and i will b grateful for wat i have now

without u, we would not be wat or where we are today

i have to rem dat all dat i have now come from u and i will appreciate dat

thank u daddy

i really missed u very much

missed those days where we used to laugh and play together

i really hope u r happy cuz dats wat i wan u to be

Happy and smiling always

Happy father's day

and also to my noti bro..happy 20th bday!