Thursday, January 28, 2010


ooppps!! OMG!!! i terdelete my blog!!! omg!!! omg!!! and i dint save it some more!! i din realise till i open my side again!! im gonna write all out again tmr if i have the time k.. omg!! but to cut it short.. re-evaluate urself bfor u blame other ppl for something dat u did..haha!!..and dont b a faker!! cuz the whole world will eventually know what kind of person u are...!

good night..

Sunday, December 20, 2009


hello world!!

yes yes i know! i have not been updating my blog!! haha.. i have been bz with lots of stuff..haha.. clubbing.. outing.. movies and dinner!! heheh..and now i decided to blog back cuz i have nothing to do now.. hehe.. there will only b words today as i didnt take pictures when i go out cuz i was too lazy to carry my camera.. and besides.. i left my charger at b's place and i always forgot to take it back bfor i go home...=( no pictures!..

anyways.. i oso cant talk blog la.. now im bz with my cafe world and island paradise.. hah... yeaaa.. im back in action! so lazy to blog already now.. i think im gonna stop real soon!!hehe

k la.. im gonna sleep now..feeling very tired.. yest got back at 3 plus and i woke up at 10 today.. and now feeling very tired..

good night world!


Monday, November 23, 2009


good morning world!!

haha..i miss my sis so much right now..=(.. miss going shopping with her!..=(

anyways.. took this pics right a week bfor i left to perth. cant wait to get another pic with june and andrew in it.. =).. anyways.. i cant blog long.. will b going to the licensing department in a whilst time.. ill cont blog tonight or tmr k..


Saturday, November 21, 2009

hmmm!! Dc!!

im gonna cont bloggin.. haha..

so i almost finish packing already! at first i was very panic cuz when i carry the luggage, it seems like 50 kg,, till we weight all the luggages yesterday den only we realise itsonly 20 kg!! haha.. so its good.. this means that i can bring back all my clothings cuz i do not wan to leave any bhind!!..=D

ohw.. we watched 2012, 2 days back.. its no bad lah.. i dunno y some of my frens commented the movie till as if it was very very bad!!.. haha.. for me its not bad so lazy to blog d now.. omg!! i think im gonna stop blogging soon ..i dowan some ppl to know about my life now.. ish!! yea u!! u know who u r!!..stalker!

im happy with my life now so buzz off!

good night bi!..=)



sorry for the late updates!! was bz packing and outing!! haha..

anyways.. i jus got back fom city. so tiring.. i mean.. i got back at around 5 plus den went to bed straight and woke up at 8.. champion! haha..

ohw!! i cant blog d!! da server is up d!!



Monday, November 16, 2009


yay!! im done with my exams!! todays paper was alright...=)

haha... cant wait to go out shopping!.. haha

k la!! m gonna sleep now. very very sleepy!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009


OMG!! i jus broke one bottle!! =(.. i felt so bad! cuz bi , suan and dennis have to help me clean when i was da one who was suppose to clean myself..=(.. so bad luck wan!!.. i was cooking supper jus now.. den u know la.. after bathing i sure leave d towel on my shoulder so dat my shirt wun get wet ma.. den mana tau da towel pulled da bottle together as i was closing the back door.. argh!!.. damm bad luck !! im so worried for tmr's paper d.. =(.. argh!! no no!! i know i will do well cuz i spend like almost a week for this subject!!..k la.. im gonna cont study... wun b sleeping as my paper is at 8.30 am.. so yeah.. bye!