Thursday, August 27, 2009



sorry for abandoning my blog for so long..haha..
was bz with maple story...haha
i jus finished uploadin pictures!!..haha..damm happy can finish uploading them!!hehe
anyways..this week is our off week so we decided to go to kings park for BBQ!!! i like!!
but the best part was we forgot to bring da meat balls, cutlery, and OIL!! haha
we ended up having sausages and some sweet potato as our dinner..but too bad me and drew left early for his ball game so we didnt get to eat anything!!..hehe..
and also!! i almost died dat day!! omg!! wat a disaster!!
right bfor we started with our bbqing and all..we hav to wait for other ppl to finish their the boys( fond teck onn and nick tsau) decided to play futsal on da grass!!..dat nvm.. da best part was.. teck on accidently kick da ball up to da tree branch..we took like almost one hour to bring da ball down.. since we needed some one lighter to b carried up, so y not i try right?? was damm bloddy scary k..i shouted like a mad lady nonstop!!..poor teck onn has to tahan carrying me der..i stand on his shoulder some more..haha..da funniest part was even after trying to get da ball down for few times, i still cant bring da ball down..haha..waste his effort of carrying me..and poor him yest while playing futsal with nick, he accidently sprained his neck..its was proly due to that day la..haih..sorry..=)
anyways..cant upload da pics to my blog la~!! m using drew's laptop now..he is helping me with my work..=))
so ill upload later at night or tmr k..=)



.ps: she looked really funy is this pic..=) ..haha..(my house mate)

Friday, August 14, 2009


yes i know..i havent been blogging for quite some so so lazy to blog la now...haha

im so into maple story now god knows why!! class started like 3 weeks back d and im still paying maple almost all da time...i must stop playing wei!!! haha..lets see..where is stop...hmmm..oh yea.. whne i was back in Kl i went to aquaria with my mum and was actually my first time der..haha.always wanted to go der but its either me or my family not yeah...well it was boring la..i dont understand y some ppl can walk till 3 hours?? gila!! i walked der for like less den one hour only wei!! nothing much inside oso..nothing mesmorized me!!..i expected more la seriously..but oh least when ppl ask da next time whether hav i been der den i can tell dem' yes i have been der!! hehe

anyways..took lotsa pictures der..=)..but im jus gonna uplaod few la..3 i mean..hehe..da rest i will uplaod it on Facebook..=)

me and mumy

haha...this is da sting ray ..da big wan..da face damm cute right..hehe

anyways...not to forget..went for my sistes's convo which was held at nikko hotel in KL..yea took lotsa pictures too but im so lazy to uplaod all here..da rest is at Facebook..=D

hehe..k la..gonna go out soon wanna shop for pumps!!..=D