Saturday, May 23, 2009


hey..will b away for few days...busy studying for the upcoming test on mon..=)

Monday, May 11, 2009


u know it would b really really nice if i have close realtives around me..seeing my frens pics celebrating their bday with their realtives really makes me happy for them and at da same time sad for me and my fam...every year we celebrated each of our bdays with only mum dad and da siblings.. and now dad is not around anymore, it will only left da 4 of us.. and sorry babe! cant b der fo ur bday! hope ull hav ur fun with june hui da squirel !!..=) anyways.. yea..its sad la seeing happy pictures....

it has been 3 months since my dad has gone to a better place and u know..i finally managed to handle it better now..tho i still cry sometimes bfor i sleep but im so much better now..=) has been 3 months and dad's side never contacted my mum at terrible ok..i mean...we r all fam ok...y wanna ignore all...last time worse...when my dad is still around they will only call our house fon to look for my dad...and dats all terrible...from da very start ,they all jus dont like seeing us happy..even they dont like seeing my parents happy.. and now no need to say lah...worse...i dont like my aunty..i hate her so much!! she jus cant stop puting fire even aftre so long..she still talks bad bout my mum to my dad when my dad goes to look for his mum and r a teacher la for god sake!!..and u teach moral some more omg!! do u think backstabing ur own in laws is good ar???..i jus hate her la..u know dat day after da funeral she still can call me asking whether my dad got write will and all or not..i was like...wth!!mind ur own business la..even if he did oso, u wun even get his money la..and i said yea he got la..den she ask me how much some more..omg!!...she damm money minded lah!!..she damm kepo some more...she knows dat oso u know..she jus dont like seeing us happy!! she is so bad!!..i hate her!! no wonder nobody likes her when she was teaching at seafield scul!! serves her right!! lagi worse..they never even bother to call and ask how is my mum ok!!..and u know! i felt damm happy dat day when my mum told me dat she bumped into my aunty at the bank and my aunty, as usual la...acting like she care..asking my mum how is she all..and u know wat my mum did?? she jus walked off! good lah!! sure she damm malu lah and go back to her mum and start complaining der lah and who gives a shit!!.. now dad not around d and she cant complain to my dad..she jus love complaining to my dad every single thing wei...and she expects my dad to choose la..them or us...but my dad alwyas give in.. cuz he knows dat we all understand his situation..hate her so much!!..and she doesnt like me for god knows y oso!! ever since i was born into this fam she never liked me ok!! dat nvm.. she can say dat im a very ugly gal and i look like my i think dat is y she doesnt like me but i dont care la..

haih...u see..i jus hate this kind of relatives.. they only bother bout u when they wan to find out stuff..terrible...i think its better if this ppl dont kacau my mum anymore...haih..seeing my mum on webcam d other day make me sad ler..i know dat she is trying to b happy whne she talk to me cuz i know she doesnt hav da mood to talk as well.. haihh..

sorry no pics today..been bz with assignments and tests...ohw and yea..was playing with my web cam and took few pics as well..haha...i show u one of my bestest pic k??chehwah!..hehehe

so ok signing off...will talk sooon..=)




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

=) sorry for the late post..hehe..been busy...yesterday went to harbour town for kai kai with bi..and i finally found da australian clock!!..hehe..gonna buy it da next time i go there as i have to confirm with mum which is is da nicest wan!!..=P..

oh..den we went to watch movie after dat with denise and ming wei...we watched fast and was not bad ler..tho i expected more..but i do enjoy it thing good bout da cinema here is dat its free we sit where ever we like..hehe...ohw and yeah...hav to bd er early a bit lor..later no place..hehe...

i cant talk more la..need to do my strategic management's assignment....=(..damm stress la this mid term result oso nto dat good..haih...damm panic ok la...will talk sooon...=)

with love..=)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

dont make it hard as it already is not gonna say much here cuz this is jus between us..
im tired la..
i jus cuden stand it anymore..
im so tired...
no mood to blog ler..
ill upload d yesterday's party's pics tmr k?



Friday, May 1, 2009


damm annoyed with my group mate!!...
im so stressed out wei...studying abroad is not as easy as wat u tot it will be....haihh.. but it is definitely a challange for me!!..=)
so anyways..i received a news from a fren of mine tellling me that one of our fren is getting married...on MOTHER'S day!! week!! yea..dats fast right!! but she has found her man so i think dats good enuf la to get married dat early...hehe...know her since form 1 ler...dat time was at SJ scul for half year..den she shifted to 13 we practically hang out together la wei...go for makan together and all..even we went for the same tuition happy for her lah..finally found her soul mate..=)

i cant talk much la..need to do my assignment...eeeeeeeeee!!
hate assignments!!!..
so yeahh.. oh!! im gonan go to garden city tmr tmr with bi in da afternoon to buy pressent for ming wei...he is having a bbq party at the night at tania's place...cross dress is da code..yay!! can dress bi!! okay..
will put up some pics sooon aftre da party..=)..