Wednesday, April 29, 2009

=)) promised!! pics!!heheh

i hope i can upload more pics and talk more on wat happened for da past few days but da connection sudd went sissy lah!! room mate jus came back and now streaming..omg!!!...

actually i d uploaded all on my u all see der la k..i need to get back to my entrepreneur assignment...see yea...=)


Sunday, April 26, 2009


so happy!! now got foxtel d!!! i really feel like home...hehe...
for those of u who do not know wats dat..its something like astro where they have lots and lots of channels here...more den astro its good la!!..every sunday can watch my wife and kids d!!hehe...and im watching american idol now..hehe...and also andrew bought a car yeah..dats good!! dat means dat he can bring me where ever i wan to go d!!hehe.. we going out tmr i yeah..happy!!..
so anywayz..went out for dinner with my gang to some chinese restaurant at COMO..whihc is near to my house..i cant rem wat my dish called d but if im not wrong it was called combination of mee..haha...ive no idea wats da dish called but its soemtime like dat cost me 16.50 aud ler...worth it ler..cuz damm lotsa chicken cubes and like!!..hehe..dang! forget to take pic of da food la...oh and had chilli mussells....nice!! but not as nice as the one we tried at vics time when we go der ill take pic and let u all c k!.=)

omg..i do not wats wrong with my iphone..cant seem to load da pics out from da fon...arggghhh... but nvm...ill try tmr again a bit tired ler..gonna watch tv awhile den sleep..omg..i haven start doing my assignments yet!...haiyoo..k lah...
see yea!!
will upload da pics tmr k!..=)


Friday, April 24, 2009


hello... so bored actually at abacus at uni here waiting for bi to finish his class...need to wait another hour!! omg...

anywayz..had my second test for corporate went ok ler..tho i made few mistakes..hopefully tutor wun minus so much of my marks wei..hehe...

ohw..RC is so u can buy toilet bowl for ppl to do business..hahaha...i bought pink colour some more..go visit my RC on FB ler...i d made a link on my blog add me if u wanan see my RC..haha...jk...

weather is getting colder and colder d now..omg..jus cuden stand da weather wei..i did not bath some more so stress la these few days..i got 3 assignment due next wekk wei..and each dueing on tues wed thurs!! omg!! and i haven start doing it yet some more...great right..haha...

so lazy to blog wei now a days..dunno y...i think its da weather ler...jus feel like sleeping all da time..haha..anywayz..i d booked my ticket to malaysia during da hols..will b der fro 12 days...enuf ar??.haihhh..cuz if wanna extend right have to pay extra 100 rm ler...alot right?? ..miss home so much lerrrr..miss mummy!

im gonna stop here ler...dunno wat else to talk ler..will blog back after next wekk k..after finish doing my 3 yeah..bye!

.( omg..i jus realized dat my stories r all hanging la..all da above..hhaa..toodlessss)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i hate my life so much now...i felt like dying... i tried to move on la but i cant la..i dunno how long will this takes..i have to make da most out of it as there is nothing much i can do anymore...i feel sad seeing breaks my heart..when i look at my wallet.. pencil or anything.. it will remind me of my i got all this from his hard earned money...he sacrifices to work in indonesia for 25 years wei..and dats how long my mom and dad have been together...jus turned 25th on the 2nd feb...same day as dad's bday..but he left ater 20th...=(..but i do must rem dat those sacrifices dat he gav were made out of provide me and my siblings the best..but i must think bout it from his perspective as it is worth it to see us all happy.. i might think i rather not spend his money and all but in reality those decisions were not for me to make it was for him and my mom...

i cant think gonna try to cont u daddy...=(


Monday, April 20, 2009


i jus got my finance analysis result for my first test which is worth 35% and guess wat..i did so badly in dat paper..evreybody did ok u know..i got 9% so so stupid...=(

Friday, April 17, 2009



jus had dinner only and da dinner was great!! i cooked beef rendang!! and bi loves it as well!!..heheheee

its super nice wei!!..hahaa..thanks to mummy..she taught me bfor i left!! heart her!!...miss home..=(

anyways..i went to the zoo with bi and dee today..hehe..den went to the beach after dat..took lotsa pics at the zoo and im not gonna upload here cuz slow la.. must upload one buy one where as Facebook can terus upload da whole album terus..and fast some more...=)..

but ill upload a few pics here k??=)

the tortoise with da long neck..hehee

hehe..this is very cute u know...its like a babe crocodile but den da mouth not sharp wan.its blunt..da shape of the face like love shape wan..didnt get to take d face la..too many ppl in front of me..=(..very cute..walk very tortoise..=)

hehe..da rest ill upload it on Fb k?? gonna cont playing restaurant city now..must play while i still can ma..or else later after class starts d no time for it...hehe..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i jus laugh to tears..andrew keep adding ppl on Facebook jus to hav more frens for his restaurant city so dat he can get more ingredients for his food..HAHAHA!!




ahah...was browsing tru my pics and i found this pic funny..haha..

with love.....a bit...hahaha


yay!! so happy!! my sis finally found a job!!..yay! she will b working for DFZ capital.( duty free zone company)...yay!!! happy for her..hehe..and transport provided some more and the meeting point is at usj 11..hehe...

and also..was shocked jus now when sis told me dat mum received a call from some scammer..ish...when my mum answered da call she heard a boy screaming for help and he was speaking in chinese wth!! so obvious dat non of us speak chinese and my mum she actually believe lah!..she off the fon and ask my bro to come back..den after bro reached home so kam ngam the same number called and this time some malay guy talked to my mum and said' so u sudah takut kan??' my mum terus hang...

omg..damm scary right..but u know.. if dat time i was da one who answered i will believe oso ler..cuz u panic ma...scary wei..last time u always hear ppl kena and all..and now u pulak getting this kind of call..but thank God again la nothing bad bad yeah..tot of sharing this with u guys... hehe..=) happy for my sis!! yay..dat means dat she can buy me dresses!! and food!! her!!...

list to do for ur lil sister for having finally found a job:
-buy her dresses whether is cheap or exp gila babi

-buy her LV bag( da one she always wanted owes me too!!..=P)
-buy her dinner at delicious..( everytime oso she buy me wan when we go outing..but still!! jus wan to remind her..=P..)
-buy her those nails decorate her nails
-buy baby cecilia a beautiful dress..=) b cont..=)

muahs her!



i lost my bus card AGAIN!!..and inside left 9AUD somemore!!..=(
wth!!..omg...ish.. playing restaurant city now on fun and addictive la...haha..

jus now i was so mad wei..i was chatting with my close fren at states tru msn..den she was telling me dat this x of hers jus asked her for sex...omg!! wth!! u ade gf la idiot rubbish dumbass!!!..u jus see how desperate guys are now!! wth wei...he is working now some more okay! wats so hard for u ,basket, to spend money on looking for hoookers ????omg...damm cho hei!!..or go and fark da walls la..if u think dat ur dick is so big!! and u shud do dat everyday to improve ur skills FIRST!! hahaaaa...cuz i dont think u r even good enuf for any gals in this world..not even ur current wan la macha!! omg!!...he make it sounds like he is so wanted and adored by every gals (pui!! my ass!!) in this world and only he can chose who he can fark him..nah!! fark urself!! so sorry for being rude...i jus cant stand this kind of ppl..(sorry God for i have sin...=P) really piss me off..he not to say dat good looking he is really good looking everybody will fall for him la wth!! and those who fall for him wan all no brains wan...u know im jus so glad dat we din happen dat time seriously..or else i wuden know wat he did to me..!! im so glad!! and grateful GOD for he was not interested in yeah..glad my fren told dat desperado off!! feeling better noww..i jus despise seeing this kind of ppl u know..he proly LOA or jus wanted to b in da middle of the no..proly he feels dat nobody care bout him anymore and dats y he needs to do something brainless so dat ppl will talk bout him and bcome famous back..wth..ahah..

(breathe in..breathe out..)

im feeling better much..hehe...

haih..i miss daddy so much..according to my mum..lets put it this way..according to those who r praying to buddha, we will b reborn back after 49 days..and for those who r not able to let go the attachments dat they have fo each other, the soul may proly wander around and this may not b good for the soul,and these souls may proly wander for years!! has gone for reincarnation..i hope it is for good dat he has gone.. it has been 49 ++ days since he has was really tough at first to accept it.. but as time goes by..i tend to understand dat everything dat happens in this world ,whether is good or bad, it happens for a reason..we may not know wat da reasons are but someday, somehow, u will eventually know..though i miss him so badly now..i must learn to accept dat nobody is born perfect..if dad were still here, he will tell me to b grateful with wat i have now..whether in terms of family, or even money. im grateful dat at least i used to hav a dad who was always by my side when i need him..grateful dat he was der when im down..unlike ppl without parents where they dont even hav the chance to feel their love and care..haih...sometimes i wonder is there really such things as heaven and hell..if there is..where??up there??where??down there??where??..i always tot dat after u died, dat means u died such things as souls being reborn or anything..and babies are born out due to da nature of wat GOD has created..but u know..better believe den not right...hmm...can someone tell me??as every religious has their own saying bout this..

im sad back again..=(

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rottnest Island

hello...jus got back form Rottnest island!! so exhausted but it was so fun la...had so much fun...riding on da bike was da best wan and also da most horrible wan!! after cycling for a down der damm pain wei..haha...i wish i can upload some pics up here or in Facebook but the connection here so sissy!!.. actually da connection here is good wan, jus dat one fo my room mate cant stop downloading her chinese drama omg!!...

so yeah...will upload soon when the connection is better k? later at night mayb..=)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


sigh.....i miss my family so much lerr..i tot of going back after my this sem den study back in malaysia for my last sem....haih...terrible la me...
haih..i miss taking lotsa pics with sister..i miss taking pics with my baby cecilia and dragon....

sis and me!

haih..dats jus part of life dat we all hav to go tru eh...try staying alone so u can b independant in da future and all..but i cannot la..proly not da time yet..haha..

this pic was taken a week ago while waiting for bus to the adelaide terrace perth at city...

so gonna sleep now..hehe...



sorry for not updating..was away during da holidays..went to York Town..its actually one hour drive away from where im currently staying yeah..went there for 3 days 2 nights..=).
so lazy to talk...lets jus let da pictures do da talking shall we???..=)

but den i din really take many pictures ler...mostly its only me in da pictures...haa..
but i uploaded watever i took on Facebook...=) go check der k!..=)

ohw and btw..we had dim sum for breakfast...cho cho nice!! tau fu fah!!..hehe..

i jus realised dat im getting lazier day by day wei..omg..last time i damm semangat wan when it comes to uploading pictures on my anyways..gotta go...wanna go sleep soon d..woke up damm early wei okay..byebye..