Saturday, November 21, 2009

hmmm!! Dc!!

im gonna cont bloggin.. haha..

so i almost finish packing already! at first i was very panic cuz when i carry the luggage, it seems like 50 kg,, till we weight all the luggages yesterday den only we realise itsonly 20 kg!! haha.. so its good.. this means that i can bring back all my clothings cuz i do not wan to leave any bhind!!..=D

ohw.. we watched 2012, 2 days back.. its no bad lah.. i dunno y some of my frens commented the movie till as if it was very very bad!!.. haha.. for me its not bad so lazy to blog d now.. omg!! i think im gonna stop blogging soon ..i dowan some ppl to know about my life now.. ish!! yea u!! u know who u r!!..stalker!

im happy with my life now so buzz off!

good night bi!..=)

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