Monday, October 20, 2008


heylow..jus had my LAST presentation this went pretty ok i guess jus dat i did a lil mistake by not explaining da intro correctly..aha..but thank god its over..=)..hehe..anyways..last nite went to the apartment at KLCC der with bi and frens..went der to support shafiq..=)..they were having this project called da Project knock..projext regarding saving da orphanage home if im not wrong..we were der late so not very sure yeah..we paid like 60 bucks for da food..they said it was buffet style but den they took da food away after seeing no one satnding up to take their food...wth..ahha..da food was very nice ler..dang forgot to take pic..lets with vegetable sauce..potato cheese...nice..=)..den with cheese oso den lala..dang i cnat eat dat due to my anyways..we were der till 12 plus..da event ended at around 10.30 ..den we went down stairs to drink..with talk talk den balik...hehe..came back around 12 plus..den suppose to sleep but den wanna practice with slides first jus in case if i forget what im suppose to say..ya know...hehee..slept around gonna cut my hair tmr...i feel so not the fresh keeping so long hair..haha, tmr im going to summit to cut my will b der to accompany me..=)..

hiayo i dont feel like blogging ler..damm tiring la gonna sleep soon d...yeah i know its top early..its only 8.30 now but den i really not in da mood at i will blog tmr k..=)

anyways..its raining now and i miss u bi..=)..

bi ..i know dat this sem may not seem to b easy for u due to the lotsa assignment given by ur lecturers ..some more all dueing like this week right??? dont worry so much ler..u WILL for sure pass all da subjects...after this week everything will b ok d ma hor???..jus dont do last min anymore d lor..hee..i may not b der with u tru all the hard times but jus so u know im always der when u need me or need someone to talk to k??..even how bz im..i will for sure spend time with u if u need me..anytime..=)..lope u sweetie..=)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

heheh taking a break now from preparing my slides for my monday's presentation..haha..and dat would be my last presentation for this sem..yay!! instead of taking a nap i blog la..ive been sleeping a lot lah..woke up at 11 plus jus now..slept back at 3 plus..den wake up cont with da slides..den slept back some more till 6..omg..ahaa..i feel fat now...haha..

ohw...i pierced my navel d..yay!!..haha..da process was darn fast ler..i pierced at one u at this shop called dragon fly...=) hurts a bit ler..felt like somehting penetrate into my skin...haa..but thank god its over...for da past few days ive been hearing stories bout the shop at pyramid ler..i actually made appointment with da guy der d...but den after listening to my frens saying da place der dunno can b trusted or not cuz looks damm doggy so i decided to not to go appointment was yesterday at 2.. but i jus told da guy la something came up and ill get back to him soon..which i dont think i will also..ahha..thank god bi was der with me..he is such a sweetie..i know he was hungry dat time but he waited for me to go for my piercing first den only we eat..hehe..after piercing..we went to makan at kluang station..heh..den we went walking la till 3..den we went for our movie at 3.20..hehe..we watched max payne...very nice! worth told me its from a comic wonder la da title sounds darn familiar..hehe..da story line was very nice...hehe..after dat we went was raining dat time and also it was 5 plus when we left so we were caught in da jam for like dunno how long..not dat long la..heh..we reached bi's house around 6 plus i guess den had dinner at his place..hehe..den after dat we went to summit cuz i wanna get a clock for my room cuz right everytime i need to refer to my phone ler..dat oso if my fon is next to me..or else i hav to walk to my fon to know da time once i wake up..hah..but den couldnt find da right looking for a purple clock..hehe...actually saw one at one u..from da ibox shop..but its a bit too expensive for the size ler...but its very yeah after dat went yum cha wit bi's fren at old taste was nice la..haha..they r all very funny people..hehe..den head home back at 12 ..


ooh..btw..i have done making da rabbits origami..=)..hehe...come i show u all..=)

hehe...i did it like yesterday...suppose to pass one to bi but forgot to bring it..will pas one to him soon sooon.=)

im gonna continue with my slides toodles...=)

p/s: thanks bi for spending time with me dat u lots bi..=)

Thursday, October 16, 2008



i was too bored jus now while waiting for my parents to come back from econ save..hehhe..and also waiting for bi to on back his fon cuz his battery kong d..hehe..

so i decided to try to make paper craft..hee..which is a rabbit!!'s sis gave it to me cute of is not hard at all wei tho da pics may look a bit's sis said dat she also printed out for me da colour papers which when u fold it to form da rabbit shape, at the same time they coloured for u which looks a lot like a rabbit..ehehe..she printed out 2 colours..white and u know la.i damm clumsy wan i tried using A4 paper first ler..test test first..eheheh...i even showed my dad..he said it was very cute k!!..hee..sis as usual la..look at me one kind liek as if its my fist time doing,...hehe..come come i show u all..=)

cute ler!! first attempt k!! not bad D!!..

cute cute!!hehe..der..dats da instruction papers if u can c..which is below da rabbit and da psp..=)

hehe..mind da quality eh..i used my phone to take one...hehe...

so later im gonna fold it using da colour papers given..ehhe..

so letc...i went for class at 8 today..darn early wei...had breakfast with mum at usual..i talked a lot dat time..ahah..yeah chit chat tilll 7.30 den mum drop me at coll..hehe.waited like dunggu class today from 8 to 2 wei..omg...i came back at 12 da day bfor and did not sleep till one plus ler..wa sdoing my finance assignment..last touch up..hehe..den dat time oso cant sleep ealry cuz i jus finish washing my was very sleep ler this morning..cant tahan wei..mum picked me up at 2 ..bfor dat went to look for bi to pass his past year paper to him...and of cuz to c him..eheh.cuz seeing him can actually make my day brighter..=) u bi...=)..happy doing assignment der..hehe..

so den went home terus i tido..cant tahan..but den dat time was so in da mood to play da lego star wars on i played like for half hour..ahha..den only sleep..ehe.slept till 6 plus...ahah..den wake up eat my dinner..hehe..

eeeee..i got presentation lah on mon for last presentation for this sem...ahaha...haven even prepare da slides yet..chillling la..ahahaa..ok gonna do my research now...toodles...=)

Monday, October 13, 2008


i miss bi lah!!!!

lala so bored now..waiting for da briefing later at hav asked dee to wait for me got extra class at 12 so cant teman me..haih..hehe...ohw bi jus had his presentation jus now at usual..looking cute as so excited gonna get my navel pierced on this friday..made appointment d...very excited wei...bia nd dee will b der with doing it at pyramid in front of da escalator der...yeah..and im buying this stud which comes with 10 diff patterns and cost only 90 wei...cuz rite if u buy jus one particular stud it costs u like 50 bucks wei..tho its nice..haha..but den i plan to get dat in da future when im d sick and tired of these 10 patterns yeah let me show u da stud dat im getting..but den still confuse now..not sure whether to get pink or blue.....or purple mayb since i love purple a lot...haha..come i show u all..hehe

actually ders also other colours wan but not white and how???..get all la right???haha..crassssy...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

piss sial!

u know ar..i dont understand y some ppl are not greatful with wat they hav now..they r being so da greedy wei...taking things for granted and all...and da worst part is..they will NEVER think that wat they did was wrong..omg...dat pisses me off da not gonna let this ppl affect me.. but i jus need to complain la..cuz bi sleeps d so cant complain to him so i complain yeah..this particular fren of mine rite..was given a second chance bfor by GOD himself..but still he never appreciates his lifes..he treats his family like shit...he talks bad bout his family a lot in order to get ppls pathetic..and he does know dat his mum loves hima lot but he went and tell da world dat his mum abused him when he was yong..omg..he calls his mum names..and i mean..real real bad names..names dat u should never call especially to ur parents..and he even betrayed his own mum jus cuz dat another person( one aunty who clever to sucks up on her own mum...omg) doenst like his mum as well..omg...betray her by telling dat another person dat his mum talks bad bout her....omg...dun b silly la...u oso kena played by that aunty..damm bodo..u c..i tot dat he will change his behaviours after d incident dat happened to him when he was young..( not gonna mention here..but seriously it was BAD..and trust me.. BAD..)..but he got worst..sigh..and da best part is when he wants something he will talks to u like an angel wei..damm good actor..da hypocrite!!..talking bout him making me piss wei..and head pain now..i think its a sign form GOD asking me to stop talking bout him cuz its not very nice to say all this here..and its not worth talking bout him cuz towards the end of da day.. ppl some how will know wat kind of person he is... da truth is yet to come MR..and like wat my daddy said..he will pay for wat he did..dun let him affects ur life..and one day when u fall hard..dats when u realise dat da ppl who loves u and care for u da most is ur FAMILY..

gonna sleep now...piss...

good nite bi..sleep tight dun let da bee sting u..=)

Friday, October 10, 2008


i miss my baby.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008


heylor..lets roll back to the 20th of september 2008...haha...

supposed to upload pics of me and frens during MAHA's 21st bday dat day..but i didnt bring my camers so gotta wait for dem to upload it on facebook..=)..haha..da party started at 7.30 but me and bi came around 9 plus..haha...cuz bfor dat we went makan dinner with bis family at this duck porridge stall at PJ..super duper nice wei.. plus da warm company der so of cuz la da diner turned out great! and aunty had porridge and bi and uncle had rice..den we ordered all da pork stuff was nice ler..tho it looks a bit the funny but its im missing bi anyways..we were der till like 8 plus..yeah..den we dropped bi's parents back den we head straight to summit to looks for maha's present..dang im so super last min..but luckly bi was der to help chose da present..=) yeah we bought for her earings as she loves earings a yeah den we head terus to maha's place at USJ 9..haha..we were der for a while as bi needs to go back to finish up his last min assignment...hehe..we balik around 11 i think... ar some of da overdue pics dat were taken during da party...=)

timmy..samantha..maha!! shan and jia wei

the blokes..haha..yi jiang..chee ming..johanan (credits to da camera man)..timmy and anish


happy bday maha!! hope u had a wonderful nite dat day!!..muaks

dats about it letc..wat i did today..ohw today rite i actually dont plan to go coll wan..but i jus need to c him..haha..i went for my IMG class at 12 pm..yea as usual da class was boring ..and i almost fell asleep..haha..den after class i had lunch with bi at cafeteria..i was super hungry..cuden help it bi temaned me till like 2.30 cuz he was also eating la dat while waiting for my mum to come, i sat down with bi der..i like staring at him cuz he looks darn cute lah..hah..every thing dat he does is so cho cho cho cute..cuden help it lah but to look at yeah den my mum picked me up den we head straight to pyramid cuz sis needs to pay her maxis bill cuz her fon barred d..i went walking alone instead of waiting for mum and sis taking their late lunch der..hehe..i went walking to look for a top for bi..i went lacoste..polo and few other lacoste tshirt cost like 269 bucks wei...omg..super expensive and da quality not to say very nice went to polo..wanted to buy dat black color shirt for bi but bi's sis bot for him d but jus dat its diff nvm la...went to few other shops but cuden find da right wan still..not easy wei to look for da right top for guys..da cutting must b nice and all..da colour must b da right wan and all..u know..sometimes da cutting is nice but ders only limited colours and da colour dat u want is either no stock or memang dun hav..lotsa things la hav to consider..hehe..but i dun mind la..hehe..its bi ma..hehe..ohw!! im suppose to bake pasta for bi this week but i dun think ill b free la..gotta jaga my face cuz now my face got allergic la..allergic to skin care or mayb week i WILL definitely make pasta for u k!!..=) anyways..went to this earings shop and bought earings..da 4 for 10 bucks wan...and yeah im so in da mood to do piercing now at my cost like 50 bucks plus 20 plus for the gonna do it like next week..haha..i must pull dee come with me..or mayb ill jus go with bi..=) yeah,,we walked der till 5 den we head straight home back..darn slepey wei dat time..went to da gym with dad came back at 6 plus den terus aku tidur..but not long ler..den wake up to take my dinner..and here im now gonna dry my hair now...=)..

so c u....=)..

p/s: i miss u bi....

Monday, October 6, 2008


ching mei: wo ai ni
andrew: wo tu ai ni...


laugh people..laugh..hahah

Sunday, October 5, 2008


im bored now!!..yay!! haha...
its 4.15 now and im missing u dearly...=(..

yesterday had dinner with da family at restaurant south sea seafood at the old airport der..yea but bfor dat we went to the massage place at damansara which is very near to One needs to go for massage as he is not feeling quite well these few days..he hasnt been sleeping for da past few weeks and im getting worried..but i jus did not show it cuz i dowan to add burden to da da best i can do now is..make him happy so dat he wun think so yeah we head to damansara at 4 k!! dang..i rush out from my room with my towel wrapped around my hair..haha..did not hav the time to dry cuz when im suppose to b drying my hair..i spoke to bii for a we reached der at 4.30 mum drove like darnnn fast bullet train lah! we went der and da uncle said dat today he wun b free cuz his time is fully booked by other patients and he asked us to come back tmr in da yeah...rushed all da way here for nothing but i dun mind dat time was 5 plus i told my mum la y not we drop by One u cuz da dinner is at 7.30 i can shop der.!! its been a while since i went der lah..da last time oso with biii..erm...3 weeks back i think..hehe..but mum she said dat by the time we look for parking also almost 6 wats da use...cuz yes was saturday..sure lotsa ppl we end up walking around at centrepoint..ahha..on da way to dat place i kept making noise der la..

ching mei: ders nothing der wan la ma...only food food food only...daddy sure dun like to go wan...haha...

imagine la..i said dat like dunno how many times wei...cuz serioulsy nothing der rite..only restaurants only..but nvm la..since dey hav never been der so let dem c 'great' da place after dat we drove straight to da restaurants..i was in hunger lah dat time so i kept talking and talking la..ahha..we reached der at 7...zomg....we gotta wait till 7.30 as usual la..wat do gals do when they r bored???hahaa.. but we only took 2 pics..haha..cuz my fon's memory was low..=(

me and sis while waiting for dads family to arrive.

and this is a random pic of us..haha..we both look silly but i love it

so yeah..makaned till 9..haiyo...i tell u..aunty ordered like dunno how many dishes der wei...lets..we had da 4 seasons..shark fin soup..tiger big steamed fish..fried rice..2 diff types of crabs flavour..lemon chicken....and she even ordered was ice a 10 cost dinner rite??haha..i stopped eating after da 4th dish..ahha..but my aunty kept feeding me i got no choice but to carry my plate with me whenever i see her standing up and taking food..haha....and after dat bi and his fens came and pick me up nice of dem..eheh..cuz my mum suppose to drop me at asia cafe after da dinner..but bi said he doesnt wan to trouble my i left at 9 we head straight to kota damansara to c lizzie sing songs der...which is at station one..haha..we end up playing co ta tai and moo...ahah...i very clever u jus taught me like few times den i master it d..haha..we played der till quite late ler.haa..i lost track of the time..hehe..i did not notice da time as u know i got curfew at 12..i got back around 2 was fun la hanging out with ppl dat u r comfortable mixing with u know..rather den hanging out with those dat u dunno well like u can say watever u wan or do silly act in front of dem..cuz u know dat they dont mind..haha...rite bi??jason doesnt mind wan if we do silly act in front of him..ahahaha...

haiyo.its gonna rain i shall stop here k..

lazy to type d..hehe...


Friday, October 3, 2008


bi..i hope u c this..

im happy being with u..

not a single day or hour or minute or second dat im not happy about when im with u..

i love u baby..=)

so look me in the eyes and tell me dat u love me too
andrew: yah...yah...i love u too... crazy...

=) back from 2 days ago..was too lazy to blog lah..haha..i blog oso now cuz i miss andrew tan..=).

anyways..we had lotsa fun during da trip..haha..we played mah tai ti..and i lost like 20 bucks k..we used cash and play some more...haha..and we went makan makan..we had sate celup..chicken rice ball..durian cendol...we even had steamboat la.but dat one really cut throat lor...we had so lil but we hav to pay 9 bucks each..actually bi's fren came and stay together with us..and they informed us not to eat dinner outside cuz they will b having they ask us to eat a bit la..but at first we told dem dat we can eat by ourselves but still she insisted us to eat with her and her family..we din expect to pay u c..cuz she ask us to eat a bit..4 of us had so lil wei..and bsides..they will b eating steamboat for the following nite u c..and we wun b eating with dem cuz we d will b in KL..wth..da best part is she even ask bi to get can opener knife and all bfr they arrive..wth wei..and bi..he likes to help ppl so he doesnt mind..but i kinda mind la..asking him to do this and dat..i mean is not dat they never come bfor to stay at da villa..they do know that ther will b no utensils der..not even its obvious right u hav to bring it urself.. ..sigh...but nvm la..over d..but i jus feel like complaining..dats all..hehe..i know i complain a lot..but i do this for bis sake la..i dowan ppl to ask him to do this and dat..ppl d let u stay der for free rite den dun keep asking my bi to do this and dat la..

yea im bad...i know..hehe.. im not being kedekut or anything ler..cuz i really think dat we can use dat 9 bucks to eat something which is worth eating or even worth using it to buy something usefull kan...sigh

ohw ive watched eagle eye with bi, his parents and his parent's fren...hehe..
da movie darn nice wei..its worth watching and its even nicer cuz im watching it with bi!hehe..we had dinner bfor dat at meng tien..opposite pyramid..we had satay and char kuew tiau..and bi ordered da spicy wan..surprisingly i was able to stand da spicyness wei..haa..i used to not to like spicy food wan..proly cuz i mix to much with bi and his family..but i dun mind eating spicy food if i hav to...i dun mind eating spicy food anywhere as long as im with bi...and i mean it..=)..i like mixing around with bi's family cuz they r all very nice and frenly ppl..i like his mum a lot..his mum is a very cute and sporting wan..hehe..she never fails to make me laugh or smile with her funny jokes...she cares for me as well u know..this morning she even called me asking me whether wan her to buy lunch for me or sweeet u know...she is a very nice and cuteeee lady...but bi is cuter!.,.haha..eeee...i still owe bi cupcakes...suppose to bake today but tak jadi..dee suppose to teach me wan..sigh..never mind..will do dat real soon... ohw..while we were walking to da cinema with bis parents and frens..i told him this..

ching mei: bi im very happy cuz im with u now..
andrew: yea im happpy dat u r happy..=)))

haha..i tot he gonna say da same thing back..eee...cute la he..sayang him..!
its 10.12pm now and im missing him so day of not seeing him is like 10 years wei..=( year we r going to Aus to further our studies..ill b der for a year but bi will only b der for half a how??..sigh.. gonna dry my hair now den head to bed..head pain ler..
so okay..good nite..=)