Sunday, December 20, 2009


hello world!!

yes yes i know! i have not been updating my blog!! haha.. i have been bz with lots of stuff..haha.. clubbing.. outing.. movies and dinner!! heheh..and now i decided to blog back cuz i have nothing to do now.. hehe.. there will only b words today as i didnt take pictures when i go out cuz i was too lazy to carry my camera.. and besides.. i left my charger at b's place and i always forgot to take it back bfor i go home...=( no pictures!..

anyways.. i oso cant talk blog la.. now im bz with my cafe world and island paradise.. hah... yeaaa.. im back in action! so lazy to blog already now.. i think im gonna stop real soon!!hehe

k la.. im gonna sleep now..feeling very tired.. yest got back at 3 plus and i woke up at 10 today.. and now feeling very tired..

good night world!