Wednesday, July 22, 2009


guess where am i now??? at uni playing left 4 dead...with drew and frens..=)



Sunday, July 19, 2009


dam lazy to update my blog la these few days..i think its d weather la...haha.
so anyways..suan kuan was right la..when u bought something dat u always dream of having, it will eventually make u wan to keep buying and buying..haha...he even bet with me dat if i can stick to my Lv bag and dont buy anymore till i die den he will get me 10 diff types of Lv bags!!haha..
anyhow..this is not my main purpose not into Lv products or wat so ever..i jus so happen to like d design of that particular bag ler..hav been looking for that type since....coll???..yea..2 years bag i bought this green square bag from cats whiskers and i love it very much! love it cuz of the simple design..jus green and its square..and so kam ngam Lv has dat i got it!..=)..and looking for an Lv wallet..haha...i ve been wanting to buy a wallet ,jus dat havent found d right wan yet..but dat day when i was at the Lv shop..i saw many nice designs ler...its a bit pricy ler..but buying in Aus is way cheaper den buying in i got the green light d from mum and im so happy!..haha..i saw few whites wan..not very sure wats da name oso..haha..see!! im not in Lv bags wan k! dont even know da model name yeah..hav veen using this pink mickey wallet for 2 years i think..and its very black d now..=)..
but i myself oso not very sure whether to buy or not..if i found wallet that looks nice for me..den ill jus doesnt matter whether its a normal wallet without brand or with brand..da important wan..looks nice can d..=)..i know it is a waste of money to buy an Lv wallet..but u know..for me..if i d hav a proper bag and wallet which can last for long..y not right??.. da green bag dat i bought hole dekat bawah!!..i accidently put my screw driver inside my bag..sigh...but at least i have one proper nice i shall use it for long...=)

ill b going back to perth later at 12.05am flight..sigh..i really dont feel like going back la...i like it here so much..sigh...if i stay here ill miss him..if go ill miss my fam...=(...

cant type long d..gonna cont packing...



Friday, July 17, 2009



so sorry for not been updating my blog...da food has taken over me and is making me feel very sleepy every time after i eat GOOD food!! yummmmmm... had lou shi fun at ss 15 nice!!....hahah and yesterday had pan mee at ss 19!..haha

anyways...lets roll back shall we??
few days after i came back from perth i went for yum cha with eddie tim kenny and chan..its was a good yum cha session lah!!..good people..good food!..we went to kandar at jaya one till 1 den we decided to go for supper..this tim came up with his briliant idea bout going to gotong to hav prawn mee... a bit gila right...all d way der jus for prawn we ended up makan at KL..petaling street derr..not very sure wats da place called but according to eddie..they serve da best lou shi fun der..and sorry guys if da pic wasnt clear cuz i did not bring my camera..managed to took it with my iphone..=)

omg!! it takes so long man jus to load a pic!! im gonna uplaod all on Fb k!!

im gonna makan now...yea i know its early ..k la...=)