Friday, February 27, 2009


i cant afford to let u go..


im very sad..
i gave up...
im very sad..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


y so many problems hav to come at da same week..


u take care....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


he is da noisiest in da family
he is always da one making us laugh when we r sad
he is da one who always smile whenever he is down
always da cheerful wan
he is someone dat i can talk to when i need some advice
he is more like a fren to me
he is da one who always play with us after he comes back from work

can i go back to how we used to b last time?

can i turn back time and spend more time with u?

going to the gym on every sunny evening
bringing da dogs for a walk
feeding cecilia and dragon fruits
telling jokes to us
bringing us out for outing together
telling me stories bout childhood life bfor i go to bed
company me when im scared
advice me when i do not know wat to do
help me to decide when i cuden
feed me apple
doesnt mind holding my sweaty palms
always try to make me happy even when he knows dat im upset over petty stuff
always give me watever i want

ders so many to b listed so greatful and glad dat i used to hav u in my wuden b perfect without a dad like u

he had his last breathe on the 21th of February 2009.. i was cooking dat time at perth till my cousin came to my house and informed me bout the bad news..i didnt know wat to do..i tried calling mum sis and bro but nobody return back my call.i was so lost..i jus spoke to him 2 days ago...he seems fine dat time...i rushed home....took da 2.55am plane with bi..

i cuden stop crying seeing him..



a life without him will b different now..
as most of the things dat i do. i do it with him..
it is fun doing it with him as he never fails to make me laugh.
he laughs all da time. ders never once i see him sad..

love u daddy...always..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


hello der...
sorry for the late post....
touched down at perth on the 5th feb..was a tiring day dat day..sit on da plane till my butt went numb...
so anywayz..haven got my internet connection now at uni actually...

ill blog soon la....=)...

Monday, February 2, 2009

boooo hooooo


hehe...jus had my bath fresh darn tired wei..went to sungei wang with mum. omg i jus heard a loud fire crackers coming from my neighbour's housee..sooo loud wei..i think its for the hokkien celebration anyways..went der at around 11 . went der to look for boots..yay!! bot it at last after dunno how costs 109 bucks..i think its ok right...cuz went to survey other shops and all selling like 169+++ ..crasy!!!..ahah..and and and i also bought a dresssssss....earlier i borrowed da same dress from Rebecca, a fren of mine. did ask her which online boutique she bot from but she cuden rem and so happen they do sell it at sungei wang..i mean duh!! they memeng so pasti sell der tupid la..haha..and its darn cheap!! 25 bucks!!!..=))

yay..sudah beli semua yang diperlukan utuk di bawa ke Aus its packing time!!.. packed a bit d this afternoon.. darn worried wei if the bagasi is over time to upload pictures and i only able to upload one only..very busy now..and of cuz..its my pic...=P

kk..2 pics....haha...anyways..cut my hair 2 days ago..went to summit to kam ngam bi wanted to buy dvd but den da movies dat we wanted to watch not out yet...hmm..will try to look for it this few days...=) okay...gonna!! dang...forgot to upload da pictures which me and sis took at pyramid..from dat lala machineeee..=) it goesss...

dats about it..wil upload other pics soon k...


love u baby..=)